125 Dead Over Yellow Fever


The record of death rate in Angola has been moved to 125, and record shows that the yellow fever epidemic has suspected case of 664 starting from 30 December 2015 and the government is trying everything they have to contain the outbreak is yet to work out.

the health minister of the country said that 92 people has been killed by the epidemic.The capital city has suffered such a lost.

the viral hemorrhagic disease which has attack the country although there is not cure yet for the infection, has killed 125 people in Angola. a disease cause by mosquitoes.

earlier this month, the campaign was launched, and everyone has been informed that before they drink any water they should make sure the water is been sterilize and if not done they shouldn’t drink the water.

record shows that the last time the country surfer from this outbreak has been 1986, and right now they are facing what they did since 1986.

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