2016 VISA Lottery Application Form—Apply Here

2016 VISA Lottery Application Form — On this publication,  Our discussion this moment is all about the  visa lottery application which i so much believe that is  an opportunity  for you to   travel out of the country  . Now the  most important news  about this visa lottery is that, when you are  selected person that is been selected, then you we  migrate to your dream country.
It very good to know that  2016 american Visa lottery is actually  for both male and female i.e any body can apply for America visa lottery, even if the person is married with children,single,old and young person.

The 2016 VISA Lottery Application Form Best country to apply visa lottery

There are best recommended country namely

1.USA VISA LOTTERY– Please,  simply visit www.dvlottery.state.gov to register for new Dv entrant and check if you are among of the selected persons

2.CANADA VISA LOTTERY – Applicant who are interest in the visa lottery in other to immigrate to Canada. Then, they can now apply in any of this programs listed here:www.cic.gc.ca/english/immigrate/apply.asp

From a reliable it was  estemated that over 50,000 immigrant visas (green cards)are awarded in a lottery organised by the US Department of state. Now, the green card lottery is a program pursuant to sec.203 of the immigration and nationality Act.If pravenvure are able to get the green card through this program that guarantee you and your entire family to migrate to reside in United state permanently.

If really you  want to get  working visa or skilled worker visa in Canada, you can now  visit the nearest consular office or their web site to know more about their program.you can hardly get Canadian visa from out side people.
 However,  Canada government are ever ready to offer so many programs for those who are ready  to work with them in their country for only those with working experience and a very good educational standard.

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