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25 tricky questions

.Why did the cook go to the hospital ?
Ans=it felt crummy
1.       Where did show man keep their money ?
Ans =in the show bank
2.       What letter are not in the alphabet ?
Ans=the ones in the mail of course
3.       Why did elephant eat the candle ?
Ans =he wanted a light snack
4.       What do u call cheese that is not yours ?
Ans =nacho cheese
5.       Why don’t skeleton fight each other ?
Ans=they don’t have the guts
6.       Why did the robber take a bathe ?
Ans=he wanted to get a clean getaway
7.       What did the little mountain say to the big mountain ?
Ans=” hi cliff”
8.       What did one penny say to the other penny ?
Ans =if we get together we could make some cents
9.       What do the lawyer wear to court ?
Ans = lawsuits
10.   What bow cant be tied ?
Ans =A rainbow
11.   What has four wheels and flies ?
Ans = a garbage truck
12.   What word is always pronounced wrong ?
An s = wrong
13.   Why cant your nose be 12 inches long ?
Ans = because then it will be a feet
14.   Why did tony go out with a prune ?
An s= he couldn’t find a date
15.   what has one head,one foot and four legs ?
ans = a bed
16.   why did the tomato turn red?
ans = he saw the salad dressing
17.   why was 6 afraid of seven ?
ans = because 7 8(ate ) nine
18.   what did the glove say to the bell  ?
ans = catch you later
19.   how many books can you put in an empty  backpacks?
Ans = one – after that its not empty
20.   How do crazy people go through the forest ?
Ans = they take the physo path
21.   Why is it hard to play card in the jungle  ?
Ans = there are too many cheetahs
22.   What always end everythings  ?
Ans = “the letter g”
23.   What do the ground say to the earthquake ?
Ans = you crack me up
24.   Why did the man put his money in the freezer  ?
Ans = he wanted cold hard cash
25.   What type of test do young withes have to pass ?
Ans = a spell – ling test

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