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I became a cab driver to support my music career – Olawale, Project Fame winner opens up

I have become a cab driver to support my music career – olawale, project fame winner opens upa few days in the past, a video displaying 2013 venture repute winner, olawale who has shockingly turn out to be a cab motive force, surfaced on the internet.

After winning the famous singing opposition, olawale released some singles and went off the limelight but it looks as if tune should no longer maintain him subsequently the choice to lodge to cab riding.

In an interview with punch newspaper’s saturday beats, olawale spread out on his profession and the way he is in need of a way of survival.

“it is especially true that i am a cab driver. Every body knows that cash finishes, in particular while you are in an enterprise wherein you need to pay for really the entirety. To sell your songs, you need money. After I completed the assignment reputation competition, i released a few songs, even after the only yr agreement i had with them expired. To launch all those songs cost me money; it isn't always as though i received n200m. There have been some different non-public things i spent my cash on”, he stated.
I became a cab driver to support my music career – Olawale, Project Fame winner opens up
Olawale went directly to state that he chose riding over a white collar job as it gave him the ability to nonetheless pursue his musical profession. “i resorted to using cabs due to the fact a white collar job would not provide me time to stand my music profession. At a point, i notion about how i may want to support my track profession whilst running; i thought about jobs that would permit me to have time for my studio consultation and do what i really like doing with out being tied down under someone’s employment”, he said.

On whether cab driving is embarassing considering his famous background, olawale said he's never embarassed approximately what he does to earn a dwelling. He delivered that he has outgrown that phase.

Olawale also stated he plays his new tracks to passengers who recognise him from the singing opposition in a bid to show to them that he's nonetheless pursuing song that is his passion.

He stated, “this is simply to let them realize that i have now not stopped doing music. I make them understand that seeing that tune isn't always setting meals on the desk right now, i ought to find every other supply of earnings in order that i can eat. Being a venture repute winner does no longer stop you from being hungry or in need of basic things of lifestyles, like every other character. I should do what i need to do to continue to exist”

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