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“I can appear like someone that is crazy but I’m not a bad girl” – Tayo Sobola

Nollywood actress tayo sobola has admitted that she is aware that sure people think she is wild and a horrific influence.

In an come upon with sunday scoop, she stated she knew she could seem loopy but she was a peaceful man or woman.

Sobola said, “i'm able to appear like someone this is loopy but my internal self speaks for me. Human beings must prevent judging a e-book by means of its cowl. Whilst you see a book, the right issue is to open it before making a end.

“in case you see loopy headlines approximately me, bloggers simply want to attract readers to their blogs. Whilst you open it, you may see something else. I'm no longer a bad individual.”

According to the new ambassador of glee hair, she is in love with coloured hair as she loves to attempt various things.

She stated, “i'm now not terrified of doing new matters. Coloured hair looks top on me most instances, although i realize it is able to make one look bizarre. However if you are bold sufficient as a man, i count on you to technique me even when i put on a colored hair.

Speakme on the worth of her new endorsement, she said it was well worth millions of naira and could final for a year.

“i can't expose the parent however it's miles really worth tens of millions of naira and it is legitimate for a yr. When i was contacted to be a emblem ambassador of the organisation, the ceo advised me they settled for me due to my colorful persona.

“i have been seeing their merchandise on social media and i really like what i see. Aside from the cash i got from the enterprise, i respect the passion and resolution of the ceo. I'm a woman and a cross-getter; so, i really like it once I see hardworking ladies,” she said.

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