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Presidency reacts to corruption allegation against buhari’s leader of personnel, kyari

The presidency has condemned the allegation that president muhammadu buhari’s leader of body of workers, abba kyari, amassed a n29 million bribe for the awarding of a contract.

A statement on saturday by means of presidential spokesman, garba shehu, said that kyari did not have any private conferences with the person making those allegations.

He said with crucial elections in advance, some politicians and their media agents appear like working collectively to pile strain at the buhari management by means of wielding non-existent scandals against it.

Shehu wrote: “we equally note that the deliver of 15 hilux automobiles for the presidency become an not going agreement to were provided, as it did no longer exist everywhere in the 2016 and 2017 budgets.

“checking the appropriation for 2016 and 2017, that request isn't always even there. How could abba kyari have requested for cash to award a settlement that did not exist everywhere in any respect?

“further to that, the amount allegedly given in bribe become also suspicious, as the workplace of the presidential aide had been recognized in the beyond to get hold of imprest of 200 million naira and above each month, with no one predicted to present account.

“it become simplest on account that abba kyari occupied that position that matters changed.

“in blunt phrases, it's miles hard to make a case of n29 million bribery towards an authentic who spurned a monthly payment of n200 million to his workplace, cash for which he didn’t want to account to everyone.

“once again, we wish to caution in opposition to the media’s haste to put up unverified accusations towards government officials genuinely for the sensationalism cost, with out reporters doing the due diligence required of them by their profession.”

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