Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan Code


Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan Code; BIS data plan for airtel allows you to use your airtel line to subscribe for your blackberry phone. Here are the Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan code, that will allow you have unlimited access to blackberry phone. When you have your blackberry first thing you should do is to first recharge your airtel line.

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan code have that of daily, weekly, and monthly; when you Subscribe to the blackberry data plan of your chosen you can use any of the below code for the plan you want. That for 10MB which is at the rate of N100. If you wish to use this plan I mean this Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan you just have to by dialing *141*11*1#.

The list of the latest Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan code are listed below you can take any one of your chosen and update your airtel blackberry data bundle and also the date code and the data size, the amount of days it will spend that the validity period and how to active it which is called activation codes.

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan code

This blackberry data plan for airtel is to keep you knowing that when you want to sub for your airtel blackberry in nigeria, you may know that all things are working. when you follow the code and use it, airtel blackberry plan is not for nokia asha but only for blackberry bold not even for blackberry z10. follow the below code and get you Airtel Blackberry BES Data Plan code activated. that of BES and BIS is different code and so they give different MB. NGN100 for BES and NGN100 for BIS can not give you the same amount of MB.

This is for monthly plan the Data= 1,024MB; Amount= N5,750, Period= 30 days, the Code so dial *440*21*18# for the BES Month

This is for the weekly plan Data =100MB, Amount=N1,500, Period=7days, the code so dial  *440*21*17# for the BESWeek

This is for the Daily Plan Data=10MB, Amount=N400, Period=1day, the code so dial *440*21*16# for the BESDay

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan Code

The BIS and the Complete are still different so, stick to one so that you may not end up getting yourself confused. below is the code for BIS not complete.

BIS Monthly Plan Data=1,024MB; Amount=N3,000; Period=30days; code so dial *440*21*4#  bismonth

BIS Weekly Plan Data=100MB; Amount=N1,000; Period=7days; code so dial *440*21*5# bisweek

BIS Daily Plan Data=10MB; Amount=N200; Period=1day; code so dial *440*21*6# bisday

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan Code

blackberry complete data plan and the activation code, this located below, feel free to use and activate your airtel blackberry complete data plan, for that of the month, that of a week also that of the day. all plans are here

Blackberry Complete Monthly
Data=1,024MB; Amount= N1,400; Period= 30days, code so dial *440*21*7# bcm

Blackberry Complete Weekly
Data=100MB; Amount= N400; Period= 7days; code so dial  *440*21*8# bcw

Blackberry Complete Daily
Data= 10MB; Amount= N100; Period= 1day; code so dial  *440*21*9#

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan Code through sms that is to say If you want to subscribe using  SMS you are to send the activation Code, using the corresponding code and it will be sent to 440 or better still you are to dial the USSD numbers in other to get the key of any Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan of your choice.

To get the USSD service code is to Dialing *141*1# from any mobile phone device that can accept the  USSD code command; when it is done it will take you to a portal pup up menu  where to can see all Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan and the subscription code

How To Check Balance Data On Airtel Blackberry BIS
Most blackberry user do not know how to check their data balance so i took the liberty to show you how you could check your balance: Here is how you can check your remaining data balance on any Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan. In checking you will be ask to follow this steps that is Just simple  Dial *123*9#. It will display all your balance data for u

Brief History on Airtel In Nigeria
Well, although the reason for this post is to tell you all about Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan and I hope I have done that at the about area of the post but I wish to inform you and give you a head up over the network you are using.

Am not here to tell you all the story you want to know I just want to tell you how did the name Airtel come about and why is there code number 0802 still remain. Because that code belongs to econnet. Yes it was so it is not a new thing so sharing it right here is not a misplace of topic although I started by sharing you idea on the Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan.

Well, around 2001 airtel entered Nigeria by than it was called Econnet, this network have the Red and White as their color, but later the name was changed to V Mobile, after a while it was change from V Mobile to Celtel, the name Celtel continue for a while and it was change again to Zain this lasted for a while before it was change to what we have now Airtel.

And it was the reign of Airtel that blackberry and android phone came up with more power in Nigeria that is why we are using the privilege to educate people on how the Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan works and how one could Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan. This is not a hard topic we have been able to explain in details how you can get your airtel blackberry subscription data. The BIS data plan for airtil stated above is for your own benefit.

Airtel Blackberry BIS Data Plan shows that you can either take the week or monthly or daily; the choice is yours. so you are advice to follow the above instructions and have your joy filled.

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