Akwa Ibom Assembly Elects First Female Deputy Speaker


A-Ibom Assembly elects first female Deputy Speaker: The Akwa Ibom State has appointed the first female Deputy speaker and she is Mrs Felicia Bassey, from the Okobo state constituency, she is the chair person of the woman affairs committee and the social Welfare Matters.

the former deputy speaker mr Effiong has been replaced by the first female deputy speaker, this was released yesterday by Mr kufre Okon, the chief Press secretary, the appointment came afterv the appeal court in Abuja nullified the Deputy Speaker, Mr. Effiong Bassey.

this is a part of Nigeria and the development in Nigeria seening women taking up important role in the country after many years they been treated as a second class citizen, and now Nigeria now have the first elected governor and other deputy speakeres of different state.

in the statement she took an oath stating that she will carry out her duties, and many members of the house believ so much in her stating that she will be able to follow discharge her duties with fate and confidence as the first Akwa ibom female deputy speaker.

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