Be A Patriotic Nigeria Sport Fan


Be A Patriotic Nigeria Sport Fan: Nigeria is not the only Africa Country that has done poorly and badly in sport in general over the years; but the truth is that we should stop criticizing our sport teams and that supporting them in order for us to seek solution and that will lead us to great glory once again.

In the area of football; we should remember that it took Nigeria 19years to win the Africa Cup of Nations (Nations Cup), but one thing you should know is that Nigeria is not the only country that has been doing poorly this time and we should wait as we support our country football team. The 2012 Nigeria won the Africa Cup of Nations (Nations Cup) under the leadership of Stephen Keshi, although he has been shown the exit door and that is not the point, the point is most countries that is well known for football has been losing their touch and the table has been turning to a direction no one can predict. Football is not one plus one it is 90minutes in the pitch.

There was a time when you mention football the countries that comes to once mind are the light of Brazil, France, Argentina, for sometime Spain has also reign as champions dominating European football and the world. But Brazil for example has never win the world cup since 2002, despite been the host of the 2014 world cup, they were not just beaten by Germany they were destroyed and lay to rest in their home land and fans. As for France the last time they won and major trophy is the European Cup 2000, and the world Cup France 98, this is to show you how other countries has been in for front.

What about Spain, the Spain National team has dominated Europe and the world, that would be the European Cup 2008, and the world cup 2010 they entered the 2014 as the defending champions they were destroyed by the Netherland team 5goals to 1 and been ahead, the Louis Van Gaal side made them look under dog at the tournament. The questions is do all this countries still have their home team supporting them, yes they do. Let me come back home to Africa. I remember Egypt was in the receiving glory of the Africa Cup of Nations (Nations Cup) back to back, the 2006, 2008, 2010, has been Egypt winning the Nations Cup and you should also remember that that same Egypt did not qualified for the world Cup and the Africa Cup of Nations (Nations Cup) twice in a roll.

To Be A Patriotic Nigeria Sport Fan you have to stick to your country including the good times and the bad times, do not remove sentimental attachment if you remove it where is the faith? Keep hoping and believing, it may not been now or next year, it many to take 100 years but it might take another 19years but the truth is a champion is a champion not matter the time and when it happen. The Africa Cup of Nations (Nations Cup) Nigeria won I could remember how so many Nigerian were not in support they never believe that Nigeria will make it to the final but year it happened, so many was surprise that Nigeria won and some were not happy about it because it was long overdue but one thing you should know is that you are not the only country preparing for the competition. So join the Nigeria and support them and hope that one they will make you proud again.

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