Bomb Explosion in Benin City


Bomb Explosion in Benin City: On Tuesday there was tension in Benin City, Edo State when at leas five houses were destroyed after a bomb explosion in Upper Sakpoba Road.As the people live in that area was in panic as a bomb explosion occurred about 3pm and as the word spread round Benin city and the state stating that it is the members of the Book Haram and that they may have invaded Benin City.

Those staying at the Zomi Zomi street in Upper Sakpoba Road, Benin City ran with high speed when the loud noise came.

Our News crew learnt that the explosion was caused by a bomb was detonated where kidnappers used as their hidden place months ago. And that soldiers and the police invaded them and arrested the suspects.

that same house was hired by  some else and this afternoon around 3pm, the resident of the house choose to burn some papers found in the compound after doing some clearing and decided to set them on fire, as God will save him he decided to go buy something. And as soon as he left the bomb exploded. He had no idea that the kidnappers left some explosive in the apartment.

At the time our news crew was on sight the Bomb Disposal experts from the State police command were on sight and they have been scanning the building for any other explosives.

Emeka who is the resident in the building, was taken by the police, and a woman sustained deep cut when bomb exploded and she has been rushed to the hospital

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