Court Orders Release of Dasuki’s Former Aide

Court Orders Release of Dasuki’s Former Aide: On the 23rd of December 2015, the Aid to Col. Sambo Dasuki (retd.), the former National Security Adviser, NSA, Col. Nicholas Ashinze has been under arrest and he has been on detention but the High Court sitting in Abuja has ordered the EFCC and the Nigerian Army to Immediately release him.
Justice Yusuf Haliru, who passed the judgment on Monday has ordered the them to immediately release the applicant on self-recognition, saying that in three months they have been holding him without trials, and he said that was “‎illegal, it is a wrongful act, it is unlawful and it was a violation of the fundamental rights.

All document belonging to Col. Nicholas Ashinze that has been seized by the agency should be released immediately, the judge, came out hard on the agency condemning their actions saying that is Nigeria still under military rules or military dictatorship.

Stating that EFCC is an agency that is created from the law of Nigeria and they should behave according to their motto which states that no one is above the law. The action of the EFCC is not above or superior to Nigeria constitution and i am bold to say that the EFCC and the Nigerian Army behaved like an illiterates the Judge stated.

Court Orders Release of Dasuki’s Former Aide

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