Defaulting Filling Stations To By Sanction PPPRA


Defaulting Filling Stations To By Sanction PPPRA: The Federal Government has reduced the price of patrol, the price now sold for N86.50 per liter, and the Federal Government has given a directive that from on the 1st of January every filling stations in the country should bring down their price to N86.50.

The executive secretary to the PPPRA Mr. Farouk Ahmed said that the monitoring body PPPRA, will put up their men in every state in Nigeria to monitor any filling station that is not selling the new price i found such filling station will be dealt with and be sectioned.

Our news men from NewsCity.Com.Ng has been that all filling station in Abuja has already selling the new price starting from January 1st 2016, but when some of our correspondent visited some filling station out Abuja will find out that the new price has not gotten to those area. most filling station has been seen sell N150 per liter.

According to what we gathered that from the January 1st 2016, the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation will be supplying the fuel that N86 per liter and the Petroleum Product Pricing Regulatory Agency PPPRA will be expecting all filling station to sell for N86.50 per liter in the year 2016.

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