Different Reactions Over Reduction in Pump Price of Petrol


Different Reactions Over Reduction in Pump Price of Petrol: NewsCity.Com.Ng, gathered that after the price of petrol was reduced and to commence from on the 1st of January 2016 many Nigerian opened their mind some show happiness in the reduction while some didn’t. petrol that will be sold for N86.50 from 2016 many Nigerians stated their opinion on this issue.
some said is a good thing that the petrol was reduce at all that it wasn’t increased one miss Chioma said it is good to see the petrol price reduce saying that it is a fresh of a new things to happen in Nigeria at the next year 2016 and with many Nigeria decision not to speak about the issue some also open their mind.

But Most Nigerians where not happy over the issue stated that the government is hiding something in this reduction and this is one of the reasons, they price that was increased to N97 per liter under the administration of the former President, Goodluck Jonathan. and before the 2015 general election the price was reduced to N87 per liter and right now the government is only removing 50kobo.

the petrol price that will be on sell at a prince of N86.50, see 50kobo removed from the initial price that was reduced by the former president, and this and many Nigerians are surprise what is the different between the reduction of the petrol price when it was once N87 and now n86.50. this is to deceive so many Nigerians.

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