How Far Do Women Go In Protecting Their Husband


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How Far Do Women Go In Protecting Their Husband: Man most times put their wife through a lot of pain by cheating on their wife, making her feel she is not good enough and this affect the women negatively and put their wife in a psychological trauma. And most times they woman did nothing wrong to their husband all they want to do is to impress the man and yet their man still play stunt on them leaving them heart broken.
The question is how far can a woman go to make the girl that is destroying her marriage go away and leave their husband alone. Woman has derive so many skills to make sure that the girl leaves there husband alone, some woman has involve in fighting in public to make sure the girl leave her husband alone.

Some has found themselves using thugs to fight and threaten the girl and some has taking a big fight with their husband over girls on the street, and this may or may not work. Love do not stop one from cheating so they woman mostly those in Nigeria has end up handled the issue the wrong way and it end up back fire and while some end up having blood on their hands and been arrested by the police and persecuted.

Now i am shock to find this photo board pasted and it cut my attention so i felt what has made this woman to go this length to humiliate this girl and make a board of it. What was going into the mind of the woman to make the bill board over a husband who has been staying out with another girl some things the man is old enough to be the girls father.

What is the girl looking for that made her not to leave a married man alone and face such an embarrassment and how will she feel if she have boyfriend that care about her but he is not rich and the girl is have a rich married man and destroying the marriage of a fellow woman.

A married woman said that, some girls have no shame and no dignity and they have no home training that is why they behave like this and the best way to teach them the lesson their money didn’t teach them is to do it the hard way. the girls in-questions knows that it is wrong and yet they still love doing it and causing problem and fight at homes, so every means a woman use to chase the girl away as much it is not violent she is in support the woman who pleaded anonymous said.

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