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How To Be an Actor |Actress in Nigeria: Most Nigerians has been asking series of question about the movie industry, some want to be a part of the Nigeria Movie industry, others believe that they can make it, but  fair enough to be a part of the movie world and showcase their talent you need to work hard. And some do not know how to go about it and make it into the movie industry, I will be telling how you can be a part of Nigeria movie industry and make it, without any delay.

You may not know me because I like been behind the camera and many people I have given an advice has ended up been a popular actor/actress. I know right now many of our home videos are nothing to write home about but I am giving you my word, Nigeria Nollywood will get there. How? i don’t know. And how you are be a part of the Nigeria Nollywood is what I will be sharing to you. I hope you will take some time out and read this article very well and you will end up been a star in the movie industry.

The most important thing and quality you need to have before you become a great artist in Nigeria Nollywood, is you most be confidence of yourself. If you lack the confidence you will not make it into the movie industry. The important thing you need is that you need to trust yourself, believe you can act any part given to you. If you believe so, then you can be in a movie with those you so much have faith on. Those you see on TV, you guys will be on set together acting and dancing together. But before that is done or achieve is to have faith on each other.

Letting you know this, may give you the spark you need to shine in the industry and make it great in nollywood. The other you need is never give you your dream of been an actor or actress. This is very important and I believe it supposes to be on the number one list but it is on the number two list. Do not let go pursue it with all you got, travel to anywhere there is an opportunity of acting no matter how you get it try and get. Even if you sleep out at night to make you act that movie go ahead and do it. Even when they said they won’t pay you and you are to act it for free, go ahead and act it for free without asking any question why it is for free. And even if you are to pay for it find money and pay for it because with time you can end up getting the reward in due time.

The next attribute you should posses is to be friendly and be humble to on set. When the director and the directing crew see how friendly you and how humble you are, they will put you in their mind any you may end up getting calls from the them no matter the distance. I want you to know that they are the first to know that there will a movie job before you, because they are contacted on time to clear their schedule before the movie shooting date is fixed. So you should always respect them no matter what they say to you, I want to you see it as the hill that one sees on the job and you will get pass it.

How To Be In Nigeria Movie Industry Nollywood and How To Become A Nigerian Nollywood Actress Or Actor

This is how you can be in the industry, nollywood industry is an association and like every association they have members and for you to be a part of the nollywood you should register with nollywood. It is AGN, Actors Guild of Nigeria. It is the body where everyone who wants to be a part of the industry registers and become a member. Either a member or a active member; but first you should register all capital city in Nigeria have AGN headquarters where you can register. And each state registration fees veries because of the job inflow. If they hardly shoot movie in that state, the registration inflow will be small and state like Enugu, Lagos, Abia, Anambra, they all have the highest price in AGN registration fee.

Note this important information on the form of AGN: AGN do not provide job for her members. That is no one will provide acting slot for you. You have to hunt it for yourself and survive in the industry.

Due to the above notification I will advise you to look for a movie industry that will like to have a member and also register with the director or the owner of that industry, because if that industry has a job, they will first consider their members before they can get anyone outside the industry. No not say I have never heard of the name of the industry, because you do not know when someone will want to use that industry to shoot an important movie that will not just blow your name but the industry as well. Register and keep in touch. That is how you put your eggs in different basket.

I will be drop a number of a director which you can reach and ask to register in his industry and wait patiently till you are called to and be on their movie project. I would like you be fair to yourself, do you want to be in Nigerian Movie Industry?

How To Be In a Movie Industry. Call 08032503651. He will guild you on where to register with AGN and also with his and be in the movie industry

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