How to Format Computer System –

How to Format Computer System

How to Format Computer System: By now we should have known what computer is all about we will not go back and start studying whats is computer system. Format is the process of preparing a computer system for use. Before i go further in explaining format, i want you to know that format is also means install. When someone talks about format he or she also mean install. so you can install you computer system. this process is done when your system or pc even your laptop is corrupt. Don’t look so surprise no matter what you think pc can be corrupt due to virus, or worm and other issue which the computer operator didn’t hand very well.
How to Format Computer System: Why Should I Format PC
There many reason why you should format your PC. Computer is a machine for that purpose so many unforeseen circumstance might happen to your pc no matter how careful you are. you might just boot your computer and discover that a file has been corrupt. If you should know computer is made up off three (3) component, the first is the hardware and secondly is the soft ware and the third is the peoples ware. Pc runs with the combination of this three (3) component. but the soft ware is the most sensitive issue because it is a written program and it should be handle with care.

When you boot your computer or pc, you may not know that the software runs, and the pc reads all files because the software are files, due to failing to shut down your pc properly, because of that the computer is unable to read a particular file, and because of that the computer my not be  able to boot. When this happened that means a file has been corrupt and the pc need to be install and reprogram or the system will not work again sometime you as a computer operator may want a particular move or music unknowing to you the system where those file are coming from may have either a virus or worm and maybe the file has been infected with virus because you don’t have anti virus on your pc you accept file your clam you want wanted so bad, you have ended up affected your computer with virus. This development will start causing more harm to your pc.

How to Format Computer System: The way human has been visiting the hospital base on some issues so is it with the computer system, this is one of the most important things you should know no matter what computer is a machine but they are not above corruption. When you are using a less edition of Microsoft windows. you can install your pc with the following windows such as window 7, window 8, window xp profession, maybe your pc windows is that of the xp, you can format your pc in other to upgrade the windows to the latest but before you do so. i want to give you an important information, before you should upgrade your windows, you should first consider whether your system or your pc is compatible with the new window upgrade you are planing to because computer is made of capacity and some of these latest windows can only work very well if the RAM is capable of working with the newly found load.

How to Format Computer System window 7: you can use window 7 to format you pc and also use it to install your laptop, this an important to and you could to know this can be done or you will end up getting this done the wrong way. take a window 7 cd plate and insert it and it will run, try and follow the steps you will end up formatting your pc with window 7

RAM which is the Random Access Memory is one of the most important part of computer. To install a system, one should know that all programs are written instruction, and they are design to perform a particular task, if you want to format your pc, you should follow the following step below. One you should make sure your pc is on you should have also gotten the software either in a Cd or flash drive or Hardware Place the Cd into the Cd ROM
Note: This part is very important most installing cd is auto read, am saying that once you slot it into the Cd Rom drive the computer automatically reads the cd and the program inside stand running.

How to Format Computer System: It will display a dialog box, where by you could say yes using the keyboard to direct the select bar to the install and press enter and the computer will stand formatting When this is done, the system, will give you a lot of list of data that most be completed before anything can be be done. once those thing are completed, your computer is installed. I want you to know that this process takes a lot of time before this process can be completed

Important Information For Formatting Pc
When you are installing your pc, there are so many information you should consider one of which is power. if you are in a country such as Nigeria where power is not stable you should use a stand by generator or your UPS should be strong and you should have a standby generator to hold your pc before the power comes back either from the PHCN or generator. if this is not done you should know that you will keep starting from a spot. When the installation is completed, you should be able to install programs that will be need for your own personal use.

How to format computer without cd, someone ask me if you can format your computer without cd i told the person it depends if you have a bootable dick, then you can format your pc without cd. that hard drive or flash drive that content the software inside will end up running in place of the cd. yes that is the answer to your question; you can format a pc without cd. the cd is a medium to format and the flash drive can serve as one of the medium to the format. the software inside the flash will be installed inside to pc.

How to Format Computer System

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