How To Install Windows On PC

How To Install Windows On PC

How To Install Windows On PC – This is not hard topic, but it is a very important topic once you have your own laptop or pc. If you don’t have your own pc that is within your reach to install windows 7 and you can also install windows 8. This are all the knowledge we will be sharing here so you can have the full idea on  what and what not to do when you are installing windows whether it is window xp, window xp professional, window 7 even window 8 you still have to follow the same procedure and end up getting the result here is the important idea on how to install windows.

Windows is an operating system (OS) that serves as an interface or link between the computer operator and the computer itself. Windows is a soft ware and it is system software develop by Microsoft corporation if I should remind you there is also DOS which in full meaning Disk Operating System. This is another kind of system software but it is a disk operating system. There is a different between Disk Operating System and windows operating system. So there is Microsoft disk operating system which is Ms DOS and window operating system which is Ms Windows; they are all operating system.

To install windows is not a different issue one should know it is not different from installing windows 7 neither installing window 8 they are steps needed when installing window 7. This same steps is also needed when installing window 8. I am saying that to install window 7, is  also the way to install window 8. The knowledge is not too much for someone with little or no computer idea would do. It is like drinking a cup of water either from a glass cup or from a plastic cup, one does not need to learn how to use glass cup differently from a plastic cup.

The same process is applied when installing window 7 and window 8 they all have the same step. If you are to install window 7 and allow installing windows 8, you still need to follow the same steps. The steps I will be given you below, so that you could be able to install windows 7 without looking for whom will do it for you. This is the biggest break in the whole world in technology where someone will be able to install windows from the comfort of his home.

The way to install windows is very simple for any one with great patient and with those with no and little of computer idea. Those who is willing to learn how to install windows on pc or to learn how to install windows on laptop.

This knowledge we are sharing over installing of windows 7 or you may say installing of window xp is the way bill gate want it. The Ms Windows xp is not different of installing Ms Windows 7. This info on how to install Ms windows 8 is for a better knowledge for laptop users.

I have seen windows 7 used on a laptop and it works better when this soft ware is installing in a laptop. In my own laptop what I use was window 7 and I later upgrade to window 8. Don’t be surprised you can upgrade from window 7 to window 8. This is another level of technology. have great information on how you can upgrade your laptop or pc from Ms windows 7 to Ms window 8 you can install window using CD you can also install window using USB this are information you should know while installing window 8.

How To Install Windows On PC

To install window you can download window 7 and install and at the same time you can also download window 8 and install. To download window and install or install window from cd or also install window from USB all have the same way the different is that to install window one should have the window software. Ms window is a system software that is why we say window serve as a link between the computer and the user this is by definition of system software, so because window is system software that is why that definition was given.

To install window xp is all the same way you should know that window xp and window 7 are all property of Microsoft and they have similarity of installation.

Don’t worry I will be given you ways you should use to install windows from cd, or to install window from USB.

How To Install Windows From Cd

Get your Microsoft windows CD from computer accessories store.
The Ms windows CD, insert it into the computer cd drive, after which you are to press the restart or reset botton from the pc
Then you are to press enter key this will prompts the start setup. But you should note that for your computer to boot from cd you should set the CD drive in your pc to boot from cd if they are not set in that category in the pc blos.

The computer will show a blank environment and you will see this important screen which is “press and key to boot from cd…” this note is shown after the pc has reboot.

1. Once you see the info “press any key to boot from cd…” what you should do is to press any key.
2. This will show you a blue environment and this write up will be seen “windows setup”.
3. You should wait for some seconds when the computer shows the blue environment with the windows setup as a title.
4. At this time you should follow the screen instruction that will appear on the screen in order to install windows.
5.  This time you are to select your pc drive which you want the windows installed to also choose the file system.
6. This time the pc will restart again, and it will show you “press any key to boot from cd…” you have to ignore it this time, the reason why this appears is because cd is inside the drive.
7. At this time you are expected to set the network, the language of the usage which is English. You are also to set regional.

The info in windows you are allowed to install security software such as firewall, and other anti – virus program. In the security enter you will find fire wall, automatic update, virus protection when you see this you should have to on them, window 7 allows you to on them window 8 allow you to on them even window xp profession and window xp all allows you to on them, this helps you to perfect your pc or your laptop from virus. This reason while you should check and put on and even update the security aspect of your pc is to avoid virus for coming in this should also fight virus and give a stable and smooth running of program. This is where you make sure your hard ware is well connected and they are all working congratulation you have fully install windows.

NOTE: when you are installing windows you should be able to follow the info as it should be this info is the best of all. Ms Window 7 and Ms Window all have similar feature so your laptop determine the type you should go with.

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