How To Maintain PC|Laptop

How To Maintain PC|Laptop

How To Maintain PC is a very important topic and here we will be sharing on how you can maintain your pc or your laptop in other for you to be able to manage your pc without any problem. This will increase the performance on your pc. Computer is an electronic device and this device make use of electronic power. This process releases heat to the system, and the pc uses Direct Current (DC) but receive supply from Alternative Current (AC), the power pack then convent it to DC that is use by the computer system.
Some time if you don’t care so much on your pc overheating may arise this may cause your pc to break down, some times so many dust may build up on the interior fan and cover where they excesses amount of heat is release, because the dust has covered the interior fans your pc will be experience failure.

Your pc should be handle with care, dust can cause a system failure, so as someone who wants your pc to last long for you, you should be able no matter how busy you are to be cleaning the pc every 2 to 3 months.

Why should I maintain my pc: some many people do not see any reason why they should maintain their pc, because thy believe that it is a machine but if you should know this important information. Pc may last long if you maintain it and if you maintain your pc it will improve their performance, performance of your pc can be improve due to the high level of care you show to your pc, this high level of maintenance will see you using your pc for years and years without solving too many problem.

The smooth running of your pc depends on how good your can maintain your pc. Computer maintenance is one of the key ways to give longevity on your pc. Whether you are using laptop or desk top you should learn how to keep your pc healthy. I will ways give you tips how you can fully maintain and put your laptop or your pc in a high maintenance list and increase the performance of your computer both the hard ware and also the software. Maintenance can be done on both wares the hard wares and the soft wares.

There are ways in maintaining your pc and you should first start in maintaining your OS which operating system.

How To Maintain PC Step One

Install Anti Virus Program: the first thing to do on the software maintenance is to first install anti virus; when you want to provide good protection and give longevity maintenance on your pc you need to install anti virus program. This give you pc protection from virus; Anti Virus keeps your windows free from virus infection. When you don’t install anti virus it give open wall for virus to enter. You pc give good access to your internet service. When you install anti virus when you search information online and try and download program online or try to download videos online, the anti virus you install will prevent your pc from been affected by the virus you meet online. The installed anti virus keeps your pc protected by all form of virus infection. You are device to download anti virus program, or better still install the program before any other program is installed.

Do A PC Back Up: To maintain pc, this process is when you are advice to back up you pc programs; this state allows you to restore your pc, to give a good back up. The system restore  gives a systematic back up periodically, the system allows you to provides refreshing of the pc you have set your back up Backing up the pc gives you sure copies of your pc performance system level; if you have problem with your pc, you can restore your pc to start up again where the pc was firstly installed. This restore help you to get your pc started before the problem arose. For example. If you start experience a problem on your pc at a particular time you should go to the menu and locate system restore when you click on it, you have the chance to back date your pc and follow the system restoring steps display on the screen, the computer will restart again. This will make your pc reset, and this process will make your pc schedules the backward result of your pc and have all present jobs delete and remove everything and placed your pc to previous setting.

Disk Clean Up: this and important ways you could also do once in two (2) to 3 month, this is the act of removing junk files, bad; unwanted file from your hard disk giving your pc a lot of space to book freely with struggling. Thus unwanted file have a negative effect on the pc and the pc performance. This process is to scan through your pc or laptop and find the unwanted files or junk files on the pc, remove them and giver laptop a lot of space. How to do clean up, you should open my computer folder, on the hard disk which is the c drive, you are to right click when that is done, move down to properties in the property dialog box click on the Disk Clean Up, the disk clean up will give you a desktop. This will display the amount of space with the space gain in the box you should locate in the file to delete and click ok. When this is done, you should take time because this cleaning process you be informed by the prompt message telling you the cleaning process is done.

Install The Latest Drive; firewall, software, sometime this process is for your own good, you either install the said program or you download is from the pc manufacturer. These maintain your pc performance. If you can’t install you are free to download it from the said manufacturer website. The downloading process is totally free without payment. These firewalls protect your pc from outside hijackers, from warm and pc or laptop hijackers. This gives a great system security guard.

If you try the first method also keep it in mind that you should also keep doing the second method. This method rest up on the first and this second method was focus on the software and the second method you should focus on keep the hardware and make it run in a well and great perfect way.

How To Maintain PC Step Two; How To Maintain PC, Laptop, Ipad
This method or step in maintaining your laptop also your pc is one of the first and great way to keep making your pc on a perfect make and for a lasting use, and also increase the pc performance for a long time.
·    First you should remove the desktop case cover, the case door keeps you away from the motherboard, so you should very careful in removing the case door on your pc some may be very difficult to remove, you should be careful when you are removing it, so you should use a screw driver of the kind either flat or star head. Carefully remove the operating power from the power pack., this is the power cable before you use either of the screw driver to remove thw nut from the system unit

When that is done, you are to remove the case panel on your laptop if you are using laptop. If you are dealing with a laptop you should first set a good clean tower on the surface where you want the laptop been lose from. So careful use and carefully remove the battery and also take your time when you are trying to remove the case panel. When this is done you have successfully in exposing the interior element of the laptop please remember all this process should be handle with care

Cleaning time: this process is where by you should take a clean brush, than start using it to remove all dust, swabs’ and other tweezes. In this act you as the operator should be very careful and always try and stay away from the component, wires, and cables. Use a compressed to remove small all dust also removes small particles. There is a CPU Central Processing Unit, been covered by the CPU fan because when cleaning the CPU. The CPU is located at the motherboard; when you are removing it take perfect care inside. The pc or the laptop, take few minute in attending to your pc, because any damage, done will be required the manufacturer to replace those broken element or an expert to fix the problem you cause, so you should be careful to make sure those things are properly avoid. You are not just to stop cleaning the interior you should also clean the exterior neat. You should also clean the keyboard how you do it is first unplug it from the system unit and use clean towel to clean every areas of the keyboard, you should also do the same to the mouse spend your time on the monitor to remove everything from the screen and every finger print from the screen. This will give a new look in the monitor. You may apply some cleaner to your paper towel and make sure you wipe the screen removing every dirt, but you should do this process gently

This doesn’t only affect the pc laptop should be done and treated with the same manner when you are with your pc or laptop do not smoke. The chemical may cause come common damage on your pc or laptop ways to maintain your pc or laptop are more than what was said but if you follow the above step, you will be able to keep your pc longer than you have even done before.

Note on  How To Maintain PC – Maintaining the pc is a good responsibility for anyone who has a pc and it is your duty to keep it safe and to avoid rat to enter it, the urine of a rat could destroy the motherboard forever and when this is done, the pc cannot be fix. You should please to maintain great protection on your pc. Maintaining the pc is has to do with a proper care of your pc. This issue is set to be the best so that you will not lost your data every data and keep purchasing new system. This will be done by a great well and passion. If you do the above instructions, than you can keep your computer safe.

How To Maintain PC|Laptop

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