How To Make Use Of Microsoft Excel


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application package that is use for keeping of financial records, calculation and also for data analysis. A spreadsheet application is to keep record and calculate financial issue in order to help make data processing easy and cheap.

When you have all manner of financial calculation the only way you can get the calculation done without stress is making use of Ms excel. In this article we will be using this medium to analyze and explain to you how you can make use of ms excel on your own without going into stress and will be giving you the formula you will be using to solve some issues and we will settle some problem on your own.

Element of Ms Excel Work Sheet

Ms excel have an element or component, and one thing you should know is that element is those things that made up a work sheet. And there are four element of a Ms excel work sheet. Microsoft Excel is made up of column, rolls, cell, and cell pointer

  1. A column is as vertical boxes that are found in the work sheet
  2. Rolls are those horizontal boxes that one can found in the ms excel work sheet
  3. Cell is the intersection between column and rolls, that is the boxes that are formed by rolls and colums
  4. Cell pointer is that rectangular box that helps to indicate where to type

When you are talking about all this there is something important you should know, which is cell pointer. A cell pointer are the combination of column and rolls. The truth is that rolls are indicated by the serial numbers from ranging from 1. And the column is ranging from alphabetic ranging from A. so a cell address is the combination between the column and rolls. In this defense we are saying that when it is A2 that word is now a cell Address.

In Microsoft excel you are to note the following, they are Data, and Formula; when you get to know this, you will be able to solve any problem. The most important thing you should take note of is the word formula. Data is the same in computer language. Data are raw materials that are not yet process, and when it is processed it changes to information.

A formula are those set of written instruction that you follow to get a particular result. When you have a problem you want to solve, the steps and style you follow to get that problem resolve is what we called formula.

Types of Formula

In Ms excel there are two types of formula and they are legitimate formula and illegitimate formula

  1. Legitimate formula are those formula that makes use of the real numbers
  2. Illegitimate Formula are those formula that makes use of the sell address.

When you are calculating with the legitimate formula, you are expected to make use of the real numbers in the cell. Each box are expected to have a data. Box A1 may have 2000 and box B2 may have 100, when you are expected to add this two, the act of stating =2000+100 to get the answer is legitimate formula.

And for the illegitimate formula is to make use of the cell address to solve the problem. When you are solving a problem making use of the cell address to calculate the problem. That is if 2000 is in box A1 and the 100 is in box B1, and you are adding for an answer to you then make use of A1+B1 that is what is illegitimate formula.

When you make use of this formula you can copy paste the rest of the answer. Copy paste means the act of making the rest of the question in different box get the answers without calculating on them.

In ms excel there are many topic you can solve with it in as much you know the formula of the financial question. In the case of the simple interest , you should make use of the popular formula to solve the said problem. And the formula for that is PTR/100, once you can remember this and you can apply them in ms excel the computer will give the accurate answer without stress.

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