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How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan: In Nigeria there are so many network service provider that has been in use for some time and all these have a great network service. Right now Globacom popularly known as glo always want to be the best, and they are not selfish with their bonuses and they always have a way of making their users remain and also they have a way of adding more users to there service provider. Glo do not make their user regret although I stand to be corrected. glo Nigeria is the best when it comes to bonus and giving gift.This time around glo have given their user the opportunity to be a part of this plan which is the BUMPA tariff. This plan has been given glo users the means to enjoy their money but most glo users do not know How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan, some have not even heard of the Glo BUMPA plan let alone on How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan.

Some asked me most how they can Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan; I said no its not a most but it is very important that you Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan, reason is because it saves your money except you have a lot to throw around but if you do not my wish for you is to Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan.

Do not ask me How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan that’s why we are here I will be taking to show How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan below. Just believe to are to have 200% on your single recharge when you recharge from N100NGN above. There is no limitation on this plan the bonus is not only to call glo to glo but also on all network on any recharge at any time of the day; isn’t that wonderful? Yes it is.

How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan is a piece of cake; when you Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan, you get three (3) times airtime on any amount you recharge. Let me tell you. if you then recharge with a N1000 for example you will you be credited with N2000 extra making it N3000. This will show that your main balance has not change, your main balance will be showing N1000 and the other N2000 will be in the bonus account but once you load the card glo will send you a text message to tell you that you have been give N2000 extra if the recharge is N1000 this do not just stop in calls you have the access to send message to with BUMPA plan and  you also allow to use the internet service, it is a win – win situation.

So pick up your glo line and Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan, and we will teach you how To Migrate to Glo BUMPA Plan.  How to subscribe to Glo BUMPA plan is truly a easy road one could travel; when you are subscribing to glo BUMPA  plan you have the number one rule which is you must be a glo user. That means you should have a glo line. Then you are to dial this code on your glo line *100*10# when you do it glo will be asking you for a confirmation, then you  are expected to press 1 from your keypad to confirm your  Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan.

To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan  is free that is when you are doing it for the first time  in the month. To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan has a  benefit; I will be sharing it with you on the next paragraph.

Benefits of Glo BUMPA Tariff Plan It is not a hidden thing that glo BUMPA plan came in with a lot of benefit, this benefit is the flat call rate to any network, glo did it in a way that once you Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan, you do not have separate call rate in this way calling to all network including the main balance and the bonus is N50k/s, then if you are send messages then it remain N4 to all network that the first benefit. This is done when you type 0 to 140 words in as a sms once it is sand N4 is deducted from your account.

Benefit two: In case you have access to the internet with you phone and you do not have a mb on your line then from the bonus glo will remove 5k/s from the credit. This is when your credit is used in placed of your mb, but if you have mb no problem; to can have unlimited access online without glo deducting any amount from your bonus or from your main balance. When you keep recharge from time to time that is before you finished your bonus and you load again your bonus  will be accumulating; that is in every recharge the bonus keep growing, keep adding, keep enlarge, you may
end up have N20,000 in you bonus but this depend on how more you recharge,
the bonus credits keep adding up.

The sweetest part is that glo do not have a highest or lowest limit your bonus would, you can keep growing, adding your bonus until wish to keep but that is there is the need of money on your bonus will make you main balance last.

Benefit three: when you Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan you now have access to free night calls that is what we call the Happy hour this is available on Glo BUMPA. The limitation on this is that you are to qualify for the so called parameter, this is when you use up to minimum of N30 from your Main balance a day then you are qualify to join the happy hour and enjoy Free Night Calls that will start from 12am and 4.59am. Any time above 4.59am is your money talking no more free calls talking that night.  Important Information: This is something you should have in mind that is your bonus expires after 7 days from each recharge.

How To Check Your BUMPA Bonus Balance

When you subscribe to BUMPA every recharge gives you a bonus and those bonus are not located at the main balance they are located at the BUMPA bonus portal and the way To check it is different from the way you use to know. So if you want to check your glo BUMPA bonus, you are to dial #122*2# on your glo line that you have used To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan than once you dial that your bonus will display.

How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan has been one hell of a topic that I have tried my best to complete this topic I now know that To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan will not be an issue to check Glo BUMPA bonus will not be a problem. Make this known to friends.

How To Migrate To Glo BUMPA Plan

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