How To Write Business Proposal For Sponsorship


How To Write Business Proposal For Sponsorship: Below is the sample of a very well constructed proposal and in he article, i will be share you the ideal on How To Write Business proposal For Sponsorship, either for your company or investment.There are fact you need to know when you are witting a business proposal for sponsorship. you want to get your investors overwhelm of what you have to offer you will have to sell it in writing a good business proposal. for that there are things you need to know when you are writing a Business proposal For Sponsorship.

Things to Know When Writing Business Proposal For Sponsorship
1. Salutation: This is the first thing you should do when writing a Business proposal For Sponsorship, this is where you salute your investors or sponsors.
2. Introduction: This part is where you appreciate the sponsors for the privilege for granting you audience.
3. Abstract: this is where you share your ideas to them about what you want  your sponsors to know about your business plan. To Write Business proposal For Sponsorship is very easy and  you can explain to them about what you want them to see and let them know what the Business is all and tell them all about the plan. You can also tell them about what the business is all about.
4. Break Down: In this part of the Business proposal For Sponsorship, is where you want the business should go how you want the sponsors to see.
5. Benefit: In every Business proposal For Sponsorship you are to tell them what the sponsors are to gain in the business you want them to sponsor. Everyone going into a business is to make money and here you are to tell them their benefit, what and what they stand of gaining.
6. Method: In Methodology you are to tell them the method you will use to make every bit of your promise comes through. You are to tell them how you can make it possible.
7. Conclusion: This is where you conclude on your the Business proposal For Sponsorship

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Below is a sample of the Business proposal For Sponsorship

Dear Sir,
We want to sincerely appreciate you for the opportunity to present to your noble organization our proposal to participate in your TV station with a weekly multi-entertainment program tagged Making Money

The Nigerian environment and communities are known for vast rate of hustle and day to day struggles  for ample opportunities for survival. This being the lifestyle of the common man in  different areas, it’s also worth noting that stress has been unavoidable and the only means of easing such has been through various sort of entertainment ranging from football watching, Comedies, Film shows, Music, Arts works and other means rated.

We are also privileged in this same vain to say that your noble organization has been in the same quest of granting such social therapies in diverse means over decades. Our expertise and vast exposure in the entertainment industry, couple with our bright prospect as well trained and practiced prone entertainment group recognized both local and  abroad in Stage Drama, Movie Production, Music and also consolidating the said Program with your  business in order to add and enhance the achievement of your great organization within the  next two months.

It is also therefore our believe that it is possible to transform and bring up a new face on TV shows, and utilize the enormous attention of the viewers, channeling it to effect positively the sales of goods and services of your company in and outside Nigeria.

Although the activities of many entertainment groups in recent years have led to erosion of confidence in the sub-sector of the industry, our belief to perform is born out of the fact that we are determined to contribute to the quality of your TV programs by attracting the attention of millions large response to the messages and demand of the program.

Making Money is designed to meet and entertain in all aspect of live; it encompasses politics, education, art, daily activities of the common man on the street. The program is designed to spread across various states and communities, and even give a touch to foreign affairs, in all, providing an  insight on the entire package of the program.

The over-entertaining program is packaged and targeted to suit all viewers and inbuilt with ever greenish benefits to any viewer who sit to take a glance at any minute of the show.

Making Money is a platform for people in various fields to express and be heard by the general public and the drama part, to give relaxation and comic feelings to viewers. It is schedule to be presented in full glamour after  being produced using quality equipments possible. Making Money is packaged to contain different segments  which are:
(1) Marketing (2). Selling

Each of these segments is scheduled to be interrupted or interlude with advertisement of the
sponsor’s products and services, the advert section is split into three, at the start, the middle and at the end of the program, each of the advert lasts a period of two minutes which summed up to six minutes (6 minutes).

The overall Time of a complete Episode of the program is thirty minutes (30minutes). The program, in spite of its highly expected quality, it is efficiently designed to be cost effective.
The cost areas include:


The benefits of the sponsors of the program will be rooted in four major key elements that our mission equally centers on.
1.    To introduce a new and refreshing entertainment program that is well packaged and consolidated with your services in Dear communication.
2.     To increase the numbers of viewers and customers of your organization through created avenues for advertisement and purchases during the program.
3.     To take AIT to the level of particular percentage of people who from our preliminary research through questionnaire have only followed little of the station’s programs.
4.    To spread wide Nigerian culture and African arts to the world at large through AIT and thereby increasing numbers of investors, Patronage to sales and services within two (2) months

Accompanied with this proposal is the pilot copy of the said program. Our team would be pleased to meet with you to formally provide additional information  you may require on this proposal, which is intended to provide a basis for further discussion to aid your thought process in your decision to do business with us.

Kindly let us know when you’re convenient and communicate to the undersigned. On related note, if the afore-stated terms are accepted by you, kindly provide the team with information and documents to enable us to make necessary action required for the take-off of the assignment which we are ready to commence from first week of July 2015.  We look forward to your favourable response while  we pledge our commitment to give you the best of our service on this assignment.

Yours faithfully,

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