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Imo Sign in, How to Download Imo Using Sign Up: Imo is a social network that has been design to make video calls and you use it to communicate with people far and near, it is a medium of communication seeing the person you are calling. Imo is design in a way that you do not just chat with the person you can still call the person and take a good look at who you are chatting with but the truth is the person most be on  imo as well.


In this little and brief article, I will be explaining how you can download imo on your android phone and have a long video communication with little or no cost. As you read on, you will discover some things about imo and why it can work on android phones alone and also why it can not word on all blackberry phones. I will be give you How to download Imo on www, and Make Video Calls on Imo in a moment and also share with you how you can download imo. you can  Download Imo Using

How to download Imo On Android Phone using

 Android phones are those phone that have android operating system, it does not matter the tread name or the manufacture, for example Samsung is a phone and the manufacture is Samsung but the operating system in it is android, Tecno is also another name for another phone manufacture but the operating system software in it is android, also with another phone call Infinix, one of the fastest growing phone in Nigeria at the moment, the manufacturer is Infinix and the software on it is android, when they have  the same operating system they can end up do them same thing.

Most apps is built to work with android software only that is why no matter the manufacturer the apps will still work. The reason is that the apps is built to interface with the android operating system software not minding the manufacturer brand and the name of each company. An imo apps download into an infinix phone will work very well as if those imo apps is on tecno or Samsung phone. The apps is not seeing the phone but rather the operating system software.

Right now I will be showing you the way on how you can make use of the imo apps on your phone respective of the company name and you can enjoy imo. The first it should you do is to follow the below steps and have imo apps on your android phone, a step I will be numbering for you any time now.

. visit from your android phone

· Download imo app from the google play store or follow the link provided for you here or ask someone to send it to you using flash share or Xender.

· Install imo apps on your phone, when that is done you can then  start chating with family and friends on your contact.

The contact on your phone, imo apps make use of the phone numbers on your phone.

It is either you chat by texting on imo or you dial the person’s number on imo, and that is done, the phone will start ringing showing your face with the front camera, if you don’t have a front camera, forget about the video call. On your imo the only menu you can see is the chat and contact. The chat is where you can chat on, it is either by texting or calling. The other one is the contact, that is were all the number on your phone who has register with imo are located and that is where you can start texting or calling before they appear on the chat menu.

Benefit of Imo Apps, www,

This part allows you can make video calls from a distance and without been in the same state or country even continent, and all this can be done with a cheap or no cost as along your subscription is active on your android phone.

You can also create a group and everyone share ideas by seeing each other face and talk about the business for the day having fun with your love once that has been away for a long time.

You can still send images, your picture to friends on imo and also receive great images from them. The app imo have them also identical to whatsapp on android phone but have not video calls on whatsapp. www,

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