How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC: Anti Virus is a very important program/software that everyone with a pc should need. Anti Virus is a program, it is a written program or instruction that is use to protect your computer from virus.virus is a written program that is written by a programmers to make your computer system malfunction. This bad or dangerous program affect your pc, laptop, tablet, it kills your hard ware, destroys your data. Virus can be transfer from one system to another due to the way virus works. computer Virus have the ability to delete data from your pc and this way you loss your data because virus has the capacity to do so.

Anti Virus is a program, design to checkmate, virus delete virus, protect your computer system from virus, but most a time people or operator do not install Anti Virus they then allow virus to take over their device. You should know how to handle virus despite they have Anti Virus because Anti Virus  have the ability to delete virus and prevent it from gaining entry into our pc or laptop.

Let say you have a document that is so important to you and that file has been attack by virus and because the document is so important. One thing is when virus attack a file or a document, when you want to delete the virus you end up deleting the files or the most important document, the reason is because the virus is in the document, so because of that you will not want to delete the virus, so failure to delete the virus, it will end up affecting your pc.

This is why you should not save any file or document that have been affected by virus. if your Anti Virus  shows you that the file is affected with virus shows that the file is affected with virus and you needed you open the file please go ahead and open the said document, but in this case don’t save it. This is how to work with a virus and don’t destroy your pc file in the process.

There are different types of Anti Virus that will be good for your pc, any type of Anti Virus you want all can be download from their official site. sometime you can also go to a computer accessories store and by the kind of Anti Virus you want because the choice is you. Buying Anti Virus you have to get the recent version or latest edition. The edition determine how your Anti Virus will be effective. i will be listing few types of Anti Virus and if God help us, i will be discussing them one after the other.
Types of Anti Virus
AVG Anti Virus
Avast Anti Virus
McAfee Anti Virus

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC: There are many more types of Anti Virus but we may not have the time to talk about all of them but i will see to the about all of them but i will see to the above three (3) and do Justice to them, after that i may comeback and continue from where i stop to see if i could finish all.

AVG Anti Virus: This is one and one Anti Virus  that came out many years ago, this kind or type of Anti Virus is very popular and it is one of the free Anti Virus one can download. This Anti Virus protect your pc in a way you will ever imagine.

How To Install AVG Anti Virus
Most a time we are told to install just one Anti Virus so to avoid conflict you are advice to uninstall any other Anti Virus that is running on your pc because if this is not done it will cause error and conflict. The next you should do is to download AVG Anti Virus for free from their official site, you will be shown a place to downloading AVG Anti Virus for free. After downloading AVG Anti Virus the file is already in your pc because they have been downloaded, what you do is to click on the download Anti Virus and install.

Installation will start running and the program download will be upload to your pc or your laptop. But before you start on installing you will be given some terms and condition will you should accept, this is where read, accept the authorize license agreement, so you should accept it. Select the AVG Anti Virus  free license, which you should check first in other not to make two program have conflict of interest.

When this is down AVG Anti Virus  will install program when the installation is in progress, the mb of the weight of the Anti Virus will been seen and all will be downloaded to your pc You should wait and let AVG Anti Virus install into your pc. once they are fully install into your laptop, your installation will be configured.

This process be down automatically, the process could take mare than few minute depend on your RAM and the speed of your internet connection. After the completion of the installation, you should then restart your pc or your laptop. when this is done you now have AVG Anti Virus running on your pc.

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC: You can also download Avast Anti Virus and when that is done you can also install Anti Virus in your laptop, someone can download avast Anti Virus but for your pc and mobile phone. Phone like android can need avast Anti Virus read download avast Anti Virus for mobile and pc.

If you don’t want to download, you could go to where computer accessories are sold and buy avast Anti Virus from either in a cd plate or flash drive. when this is done, instert the cd into your cd ROM Drive, although the program might read the cd and automatically run or you can manually install the avast Anti Virus, when you are then given a product. key that will be witten at the back of the cd you bought.

Avast Anti Virus have the ability to single handle protect your laptop from been affected with virus. How to Install More Than One Anti Virus: there was a time some ask me can i install more than one Anti Virus? i ask the person can you have more than one web browser in you pc? the answer is yes. so you can install more than one Anti Virus in your pc as long it is different company. that is to say you can install avast Anti Virus and McAfee Anti Virus, you can also install AVG Anti Virus  and Avast Anti Virus.

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC The only problem is that will your computer be able to carry more then one Anti Virus? this reason why people say you should not install more then one Anti Virus is that so many people believe that more than one Anti Virus courses conflict.

Most time the conflict are reduce due to the way the programs are; the problem which one will face is that one Anti Virus will dominate the other. that is the stronger Anti Virus will over power the weaker one

How To Install Anti Virus Program on PC

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