Introduction To Word Perfect


Written By Hercules Uwadia

What is Word Perfect? Word prefect is one of the numerous word processing soft ware or application soft ware, or you can is an application package. It is program that is design in preparing document and also for typesetting.
It is a powerful program yet its power is in two ways. The keyboard template and the pull down menu. Some of its many features invariably set hidden beneath layer of menu, but the program lets you customize those otherwise obscure feature so that they are available with the touch of a key. And it has plenty of built in shortcuts for tapping its power, but you need to know what they are.

* Setup: let us assume that the system engineer has already installed Word Perfect System. To activate word perfect (that is to run the program word perfect) simple change directory (I told you that directory or directories are those folders where files (an organize form of information) are been kept for management) to the word perfect sub directory and invoke word perfect by typing WP followed by striking the carriage return (that enter key from the keyboard). The illustration is given below. But should know that this illustration is for those who know how to operate their computer system from DOS which is Disk Operating System.

* At the prompt; a prompt is where command is been issued and executed

The prompt here is the (C:\>) so C:\WP51> once this command is achieve then the operator can now press enter form the keyboard. As soon as this is done you will notice a word process screen with menu bar on top of the screen and the status line at the bottom of the screen. The status line carries information such as the document screen 1 or 2 as the may be, page number, position of the insertion point also known as the cursor are on the column screen. To access the menu one need to strike ALT key from the keyboard, or use the mouse to key on the menu of your chosen to get you desire option using the arrow keys.

Entering Text: As soon as you are in the word perfect screen, then you can now start typing the text or preparing the document. Text wraps at the end of the right margin. The enter key is only strike to end a short lines phrase or sentence also if one wants to make a new paragraphs. To make a new paragraphs strike the Tab key at the left hand in the beginning of the new line. For indentation, strike the F4 that is the Function 4 key, as the operator starts typing, the indentation vanishes as soon as you strike the enter key

Centering Text: Press down the shift key and at the same time press the Function 6 that is the F6, (shift + F6), type you text or start preparing your document, but using the mouse you just need to click on the page to enter it. Position the cursor at the first character of the text and then follow the instruction above.

Flush Right: Press down the ALT key and at the same time press function 6 (F6) type your text; in the computer language it is ALT + F6. If you have finish typing the text, to flush right, position the insertion point that is to say the cursor at first character of text and as above

Bolding Text:  bold text is a command that when it applied it thicken the text. Press function 6 (F6), then type texts or the document press F6 again to disengage or release. For already typed text or prepared document, block the text and press F6, to now bolding the text after selecting or highlighting, press control and press B at the same time; that is why it is control + B.

Introduction To Word Perfect

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