Islamic Cleric Sentenced To Death For Blasphemy


Islamic Cleric Sentenced To Death For ‘Blasphemy’: The sharia court setting in Kano has sentence to death a Islamic cleric on the ground that he was speaking blasphemy, the sentence came as a result of a long trial that has lasted for nine months.

the arrested which occur around May 2015, in Kano, Kano State Nigeria, has ended in a death sentence as 13 people and with Inyass Abdul the Tijjaniyya cleric arrested during the religious function stating that he blaspheme.

the sentence was carried by the Upper Sharia court Rijiya Lemu which held in June last year and the 13 people including a woman was also sentence to death. the registrar who released a press statement said that they were found guilty in line with the section 110 and 320 and the penalty is death.

Their crime was that they were blasphemy the Islamic prophet and they were charge to sharia court where they were found guilty and they are to face the death sentence. it was gathered that the day they bought the accuse to court the youth of the land stormed the court house as a winners.

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