Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 For Nigerian Student Only Apply Now

Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 For Nigerian Student Only Apply Now

This is to inform all Nigerian Student that the Jim Ovia Scholars Program from the Jim Ovia Foundation is now on, Mr. Jim Ovia who is fully funded Jim Ovia of the Jim Ovia Scholarships program has opened to all Nigerians student and to provide financial aid to all Outstanding Nigerian students.
The aim of this Scholarships program is to give assistant to every Nigerian Student and to encourage them in their study and give Nigeria education a mean for competition. The Jim Ovia Scholarships program is a yearly occurrence of awarding student and right now this is 2016, and it is titled Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016.

Eligible Student For Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016

the Eligble student that willl be awarded should be an undergraduate, the Scholarships program will include their tuition fee, also their  maintenance allowances. The Jim Ovia Scholarships scheme has been offering 100 opportunities every year for any new applicants.

We gathered that Jim Ovia Scholarships Program has been awarding student since 2010 and over 100 Million Naira has been spent in the program to make sure student in the program are supported and as it stands over 1500 student has benefited from the program and they way it is going the beneficiaries are still counting.

For anyone to be given the Scholarships award the student should be intelligence because the award is basis on personal intellectual capability, leadership skill and they should have the knowledge to contribute and impact to society.

The Jim Ovia Scholarships has been like that from the beginning and the Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 program will not be left out, the awardees should be able to impact to Nigeria by using their wisdom to providing service to the community and also using the God giving talent to improve the lives of friends, family and others in a positive way.

Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 Eligible Groups

Applicant should be a Citizens of Nigeria

Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 Number of Scholarships: The program is open to 100 student every year

Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 Benefits

The program is to render support to undergraduate, to enable them continue their program and help them pay their tuition fee and to give the maintenance allowances.

How To Apply For Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016

All Interested applicant and  also all eligible applicants from Nigeria are to submit Applications on the Jim Ovia Scholarships official site

Jim Ovia Scholarships 2016 For Nigerian Student Only Apply Now

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