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Always pays login  – Our topic today circled on Always pays login.  On  note, i will be discuss with you thing you need to know about this ponzi scheme, how to do the registration, Login and how it works. On a more serious note,always pay is of the best way to earn cool cash to your bank account  without any delay. For those of you who have been finding it difficult to participate or register with  any of the online trending  ponzi scheme,this is right time  for you to participate.

This Is How Always Pays Works

When you register on the platform through the site above, you will be automatically paired to make a donation of ₦12,000 to another Always Pays member who made his/her own donation before you.

Once your donation is confirmed by the receiving member of the alwayspays Nigerian, you will be queued in the waiting list and you will be eligible to receive donation from other 9 participants within 21 days which will then amount to the sum of ₦108,000.NOTE that: all payments are sent directly to the bank account you provided during your registration.

Below are levels that exist on AlwaysPays login


₦12,000 naira ($25) Invite three friends with your link to receive ₦12,000 ($25) from Nine members by our Matching System in a total of ₦108,000 within 72 hours.


Upgrade to level 2 to receive ₦33,600 which is ($70) from 27 members each, to give you a total of ₦907,200.00 naira ($1,890.00) within nine days.
How to Register on Always Pays and Make Money `

How To Always Pays Registration

Simply click on  if you are ready to register

When the page opens, then click on registration and fill all the necessary details required carefully

After that you will now click on submit to register your details in the database.

How to Login and Control Always Pays

Step 1: Kindly visit to login

Step 2: Then enter the username and password you choose during your registration.

Step 3: After that, Click on login when you have entered everything correctly.

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