Join Digital Portal Club Nigeria – Get 100% in 8 days Bitcoin (Registration & Login)


 Join Digital Portal Club Nigeria – Get 100% in 8 days Bitcoin (Registration & Login)

Digital Portal Club Nigeria  is an amazing  mutual aid platform and one  don’t need to refer people to earn.  All you needs is to  provide Help and  Get Help as well  from other participants. According to Whois Lookup Digital Portal Club  was launched 6th December, 2016. On this publication we are very much delighted that is very important to know that  Digital Portal Club is committed to serve humanity by integrating resources for people in need. Recognize the innate worth of all people and the value of diversity, Work to ensure equal opportunity to everyone, irrespective of race, gender, color, class, ethnicity, disability and location. You can help one and will get help from others which will return you a 100% increase in 8 Days maximum. You can register to become a member of this amazing Digital Portal Club if you are willing to do so
Those that are interested to join Digital Portal Club Nigeria  should note, there is no central account. Members pay directly to each other. Participants must be 18 years above of age and you are also advise to participate with spare money.

Meanwhile, it was also said from a reliable  source that when you provide help (in bitcoins) to another participant, you get 100% of your bitcoins in 8 days. This simply means, you get 2 times your Provide Help Amount, which means you don’t have to wait for 30 long days to get 100% like in other platforms.
Digital Portal Club Key Details

Minimum Provide Help Amount – $10
Maximum Provide Help Amount – $100
Maximum Get Help – $200


Digital Portal Club Bonuses

Direct Referrer Bonus –> 5%

Manager Bonus

You can become a Manager with a minimum of 20 down-lines with active and confirm provide help

level 1 bonus 5%
level 2 bonus 4%
level 3 bonus 3%
level 4 bonus 2%
level 5 bonus 1%
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Participants can provide help from 10$ to 100$ Maximum.Provide help assignments will be paired within 5 minutes from the moment you submitted the confirm amount

Assigned provide help

When provide help has been paired, You have 24 hours to provide the donation. When providing donation the Member will only need to input the Hashcode (no more upload of receipt)

After Providing Hashcode

Blockchain API will check for the correct amount that has been sent to the receiver The PH will be confirm after API confirmed the donation amount to the correct receiver

About Re- provide help (Re commitment)

 Participants can re- provide help(Recommit) from last provide help amount to 100$
Re (Recommit) will be made after 5 days from the last confirmed provide help
You need to RePH(Recommit) before you can release the Complete 100% provide help


Participants can  GET HELP from 10$ to 200$ Maximum
GH assignments will be paired within 5 minutes from the moment you submitted the confirm amount
Assigned provide help

When  Get Helphas been paired, You only have 1 hour to wait for the donation to arrive
When getting Get Help, you only need to wait for the donation to arrive no need for you to confirm the Get Help amount Blockchain API will be the one checking the amount that arrive in your wallet and will confirm if you have gotten already.

Get Help Hashcode

Hashcode will be updated in your  Get Help assignments once blockchain API have confirm the donation AUTO Get Help confirm.

About Help Growth

Great 100% growth start to grow after your commitment amount was confirm, Once “PROVIDE HELP” assignment has been dispatched in your dashboard, you will have 24 hours to provide “donation” on the bitcoin address that was assigned to you by the system.

Growth Value 8 days 100%

The Growing Rates are 12.5% daily: It means that your money will be 100% after 8 days and re commitment should be made after 5days when PH was confirm. The interest is accrued every minute but credited on every hour in your dashboard. Remember that pairing of assignment for your PH will be within 5 minutes.

Commitment Amount is 10$ to 100$

Re Commitment After 5 days

Before 8 days of growth has been achieved you need to RePH(recommit) first before you can release your first “COMPLETE Matured PH”. RePH (re commitment) will be available after 5 days from the start of your confirm PH. Re commitment process is there to achieve a sustainable platform.

Direct Bonus Income is 5%

Managers Bonus

For each new member (indirect or direct) that you have invited to the platform you will get the Managers Bonus. Managers bonus can only be acquired by participants who account status has been upgrade to manager. This bonus can only be benefited by the Managers if the participants have a PH that has been confirm by the System 


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