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Double Cash  Nigeria | Registration &  On this note, i shall be discuss with you on how to make  genuine money  from the internet.Double Cash  Nigeria is an authentic  pozi scheme which is absolutely different from other ponzi scheme like MMM Nigeria,giver forum, icharity,ultimate cycler,gethelp world wide,my sure cash etc. See, let me tell you, the purpose of this amazing ponzi scheme is to eradicate poverty Nigeria.Ultimate cycler is still going on and you can register through this link

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Double Cash  Nigeria is as good as every other platform which has help 80% of Nigerian  to earn  cool cash into their bank account and i wonders why some  people are still thinking they are one of these internet scammers. Please don’t be deceive by friends, Double Cash is real.please note, In this platform, you will earn(2x) the amount you donated to another participant or member in the community within 24 hours donation.

On this note,newscity has decided to show you all you need to know  about the doublecash portal and   will also be showing you how to register and join the double cash platform and am still using this opportunity to advice all readers to make use of this easy and sweatless way of  making  money online.

Am here to announce to all interested participant, the Double Cash is the latest and the most trending peer to peer donation platform in Nigeria now, it is well loaded with fantastic features that will make it to last longer than expected. Most Nigerians don’t like participating in any platform that requires them to refer people to get paid that is the reason i said this platform is well loaded with fantastic features because you don’t need a referral in double cash.

See  How  Double Cash Works

Now, understand how Double Cash  Works. When you register at the website, you will be required to make a donation to the person in which you will be instantly paired with. be informed that, you don’t need a referral link to register.That means there is no referral link, everything is being controlled and handled by the  by the system.

You will  be ask to pay the sum of ten thousand naira (#10,000) to the account number you will see in your double cash account dashboard and then call the person to confirm it.

When the receiver confirms the payment, you will be placed on the list of people to receive donations. Within 24 hours, the system will automatically pair you with two people who will pay you 10,000 each.

After receiving two donations, you will have to donate again to another participant and two people again will pay you. and that’s how the cycle continues like that and by gods grace unending. this can turn you into a millionaire overnight if you keep participating diligently. One thing about this system which i personally like is that, there is no level to be activated, each time you make a single donation; two people will donate back to you in return.

Listed below are the registration process of the double cash  money making community platform

  1.  Simply visit the registration portal via
  2. Then fill the form carefully and add your bank account details to enable you receive payment
  3. After that click on register at the end of the page to successfully create your account.

As a registered member you will be as  to login your account to pay and activate your position.Please  Follow the  steps below to login to your double cash account.

DoubleCash Login – How to Access your account

After the successful registration, you can follow this simple procedure to login into your account to see who you will need to pay or provide help to and also to know when you are been paired with somebody that will  pay you too. you can do that by visiting to access your account

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