Lawmaker Accusing Military Over Brutalizing Community Women In Delta State

Lawmaker Accusing  Military Over Brutalizing Community Women In Delta State

In Delta State, Hon. Evans Ivwurie, A member of Delta State House of Assembly, has Openly come out to accused the Nigerian military for brutalizing women some communities and in his constituency.

This incident occur at Ovre-Eku community and Ovre-Igun Community and both in Ethiope East Local Government of Delta State, despite that the community has been a misunderstanding between the neighboring state Edo and Delta States.

when Expressing how he feels he therefore described the incident as a manhandling of those residents those communities, Hon. Evans Ivwurie who is representing the Ethiope East at the State level, cried and screamed at the delay by the Federal Government of Nigeria and also the delay from the Delta state Government.

In his word if they don’t look into the said matter at hand, and the issue is not properly handled, this incident will also and may result to breaking down of law and order in those communities that are affected.

While Speaking to News Men on Monday at Eku Delta State, Hon. Evans Ivwurie, own words is “The Nigerian Army has deprived the residents of those affected communities their farmlands. Hon. Evans Ivwurie, also said that these are people the Nigerian Army took oath to protect their lives and property.

The Hon. Evans Ivwurie then said that As he is representing those affected communities in Delta State House of Assemble, he have already moved a motion on the State House Assembly floor and an appeal to the State Government and also to the Federal Governments to call those soldiers who has been molesting the citizens of those communities to order.

This is unacceptable, the people from my constituency has been undergoing through hell in their own land in the hands of this Nigerian soldiers who swore to protect them.

We gathered that The Nigerian soldiers molested  women from his communities that embarked on a peaceful protest regarding their farmland, and the news men and women were also assaulted while covering the protest by the soldiers.

Lawmaker accusing military Over brutalizing community Women In Delta State

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