Man Arraigned In Court For Biting Off Neighbour’s Nose


Man Arraigned In Court For Biting Off Neighbour’s Nose: In Ikeja Magistrates’ Court arraigned one Augustine Orivba, for biting off the nose of his neighbour the he is been charge for breach of peace and she has been charge for assault. the said was was committed on the 12 of January 2015, that was according to George Nwosu the prosecutor.
the accused that been place and accuse for biting off one Mr Henery Obocha nose and the said crime was committed at his place and this crime which occur by 1am, that there is disturbing every tenants and that lead to the battle between the two.

the prosecutor who told the court house that the he entered the neighbors house and force his we in the house and as he met the victim sleeping and they attack him and that led to the bitten off the nose of the neighbour

the case that has been adjourned to the 2day of Feb 2016, and the court has bill of the accuse and with a bill price of 200,000 thousand naira, it was sad that the crime he broke is the criminal law of Lagos State of Section 166 and 171.

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