Mercy Johnson Biography and Lifestyle


Mercy Johnson Biography and Lifestyle; Mercy Johnson, is a popular actress in the movie industry and she was born on August 1984, in Lagos, Lagos State, and the year 2004 she ind her way into the movie industry where she acted her first movie titled the Maid in the year 2004. that movie brought Mercy Johnson Okojie into limelight and her firm grew.


Mercy Johnson who is the from Kogi State from the native of Okene, also she wasn’t from a rich family. Mercy Johnson was said to have come from a poor family and they were seven (7) children her parents gave birth to. Going to school was very difficulty for her. Due to the lack of income she had to serve as a house girl (housemaid) in other to survive the hardship.

Mercy Johnson got into movie industry as away out from hardship in her family since then she has been improve the wealth of the family and also the living-hold of the family members.

Mercy Johnson Biography and  Married Life
Mercy Johnson got married on the 27th August 2011 to one Prince Odianosen Okojie from Edo State a native of Esan. the wedding which took place in Christ Embassy Church at Ikaja Lagos, Lagos State. the marriage was blessed a year later when she made announcement through her spokesman that she was pregnant, that pregnancy produce a baby girl called Purity and the birth took place 30 December 2012.

The birth of Purity was born at the United State of America which Mercy Johnson shared the photo to all he fans on a social Media. the baby dedication sees the Mercy Johnson Okojie and her husband Prince Okojie named the child Purity Ozioma on the 13th Day of March 2013.

Mercy Johnson Biography and Awards
In the year 2013 she was given the best actress at the AMVCA, Africa magic viewer Choice Award. she was nominated with a movie she acted called Dumebi The Dirty Girl.

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