My Father Inlaw Defrauded Me and Now am Jobless


My Father Inlaw Defrauded Me and Now am Jobless: It was on Tuesday at the Customary Court where a man complain to the court that is wife father reap me off, of the bride price.
In his word he told the court that before he lost his job he spent hell for the girl in question and he spent a lot for the girl, in his word he singly paid the her tuition fees through her university days from the 100level to the final year and with the account statement from both stealing and access bank.

The respondent, Frank Omale, who was a access Bank worker, who said to the court that every penny he spent on the girl, that the girl parents is aware of every money she received and if the her father is now saying that he never wanted him for as his son in law that is the whole family use the girl to defraud him for that.

Sarah is a petitioner said that it is not a new thing if the boy spend on her because it is a normal thing in all relationship and her own wasn’t different. in addition she said that he was spending money for other girls and or he have sugar mommy and she was not the only one he spent on.

In addition she said, I gave him N50,000 when his car was bad so that she ca repair his car in other for he to use it for car hire instead he refused to collect, i gave him that amount when i started working. he started comparing me with other women

For further hearing, Mr Adegboyega Omilola,  President of the court adjourned the case till Feb. 29

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