Why The Nigeria Police Should Recruit Says IG of Police

Why The Nigeria Police Should Recruit Says IG of Police: After the debate of the need for state police still raging in the country,  Mr Solomon Arase the Inspector General of Police lamented that the number of police in the country to provide adequate security in the country, He therefore ask the states Police Command, to go on strengthening the communities security by deploying police to all area of the state to fight crimes in the country.

As he call each state to increase the police on the street,  and to reduce insecurity in the country, and this has brought the frequent debate over the level of the Nigeria Police adequacy and competence and they should stand up to their responsibilities and confront crimes. The act of evil activities that is going on in the country and the pressing pressure of the terrorist Boko Haram, also with the increasing of kidnapping in the country and with armed robbery attack all over the country.

In his word, police is not just to enforce law in the country, they also made to put order in every communities in the country and to make sure that all communities is protected from some cult war and university riot and protest in the state or community.

While He as disclosing this at Minna Niger State, he said that the state is short of 8000 policeman, and how will they then provide security for the entire people in the state. State with great mass and much population should need more policemen and police women in the state, but right now due to lack of police men there is inadequate protection in the state.

The reason is that there is lack of recruitment in the past five years, the police has not recruited men to the force but the Mohammadu Buhari administration is seriously looking into it. The IG of Police Solomon Arese

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