Nigerian Army Salary Structure: How Much Salary Nigerian Soldiers Earn Every Month

So many Nigerians are so desperate to  become  a Nigerian army  while some  person hate being a Nigerian army thinking that,  Nigerian soldiers doesn’t earn much.  This article was been written in other to  bring out a comprehensive information regarding Nigerian Army Salary Structure 2016/2017 in other to reveal how much Nigerian Soldiers are being paid per month or monthly  for the sake of those who think that the Nigerian army are suffering or they does’t earn much.

 As it were, the Nigerian Army need to be highly respected because they has completely  played a major role in the country in terms of security and perhaps they deserve bountiful and enviable rewards as salary and may it interest you to  know that, putting on  the Nigerian Army uniform can command  a very huge respect and power but are the Nigerian soldiers paid as much most people think?  Contrary to the belief of some people that Nigerian Soldiers earn heavy monthly salary, we ascertain the Nigerian army salary earned every month end by Soldiers according to their ranks.


Base on the research we have gathered to far regarding Nigerian army salary structure salary,we have be able to  list out the the Nigerian Army Salary Structure for 2016/2017. This  Nigerian Army Salary Structure  as you all may know, is been classified into Non-Commissioned and Commissioned.

Nigerian Army Salary  For Non-Commissioned Officers

Private Soldier – N48,000 – N49,000

Lance Corporal – N54,000 – N55,000

Corporal – N58,000

Sergeant – N63,000

Staff Sergeant – N68,000

Warrant Officer – N80,000

Master Warrant Officer – N90,000

Nigerian Army Salary  For Commissioned Officers

Second Lieutenant – N120,000

Lieutenant – N180,000

Captain – N220,000

Major – N300,000

Lt. Colonel – N350,000

Colonel – N550,000

Brigadier General – N750,000

Major General – N950,000

Lt. General – N1 million

General – N1.5 million

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