Nigeria’s Economy is Suffering Due To Fuel Crisis

Nigeria’s Economy is Suffering Due To Fuel Crisis

The lamentation fo the Nigerian Institute of Management, NIM, came yesterday, over the unending fuel crisis in the nation Nigeria. As Nigeria witness fuel Scarcity across the country, the NIM complained that the crisis is creating a big negative effect on the nations economy.

Nigeria's Economy is Suffering Due To Fuel Crisis

When the Chairman and President of the NIM Mr. Munzali Jibril were Speaking during the National Defense College at their Executive Member Conversion Programme Induction Ceremony which took place in the FCT Abuja yesterday, lamented seriously as he call upon the Federal Government of Nigeria to quickly jump into action and address the issue and resolve the crisis before it goes out of hand.

Due to lack of fuel. in the Country, the economy of the country has been on the down side that was according to Mr. Munzali Jibril. He also added that it has cost great negative impact on the country’s economy; and time lost and lost of man power, the hours that Nigerians spent on the queues alone is more then what anyone could imagine.

He also gave hope to Nigerians saying that he have faith on Mr. Ibe Kachikwu, who is the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, saying that he believes that this problem is temporary and no matter how hard it is that it would be resolve soon.

This problem Nigerians are facing right now due to lack of fuel will also be resolve because he believe is a temporary issue, He said. In his word he said that the problem is not beyond solution. In addition he said that We have to have a good plan.

Nigeria’s Economy is Suffering Due To Fuel Crisis

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