No Politician Deserve Dying For Says 2face Idebie

No Politician Deserve Dying For Says 2face Idebie

2face Idibia

No Politician Deserve Dying For Says 2face: According to Innocent Idebie  well known as 2face said something before the November 21st, 2015 Governorship election at Kogi state, when he came out to advice the youth of Kogi state during the campaign period, in his word, he said that they should shown violence during the election and also after the election.  in addition he said It wasn’t a do or die affair during the Voting time; ELection No Be War, campaign launch that is when he gave the advice at Lokoja, Kogi State
It was 2face Foundation, that organized the social call, using his youth Emancipation for the Society and the Centre for Human Right and Conflicts Resolution to organized the campaign. In his advice he told them that politics and election are sport no matter how hard they play there most be a winner and the loser stating that a candidate most win because there will not be two governor in a state at a particular time.

According to him, He said that no politician deserve to die for, and stand on your ground do not let them use you, do not kill for them and destroy property for them. 2face urge all youth in every community in the state to stand for justice. He told them that they should, when campaigning they should do it with a message and carry it to every area of the state.

He therefore told the voters not to fight, saying that it is not a war, and the campaign is not a war either. Every one should be an instrument of peace and they all should behave, he then said that is the reason his foundation. Was form, the idea behind it is to transform their mind set toward election saying that election is not a do or die affair. The youth should be peace ambassador and also transform their society they found themselves.

No Politician Deserve Dying For Says 2face Idebie

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