No State Welfare: Corps Members Cried Out In Edo State



No State Welfare: Corps Members cried Out In Edo State: For someone serving his fatherland should have been a thing of joy, but what corps members are facing in Edo state has been something to write and talk about. corps members who do not allow their corp members to open up to our news crew pleaded anonymously and lay complain over what they are facing.Those serving in the state school are not under any allowance after been sub pressed to teach more then a class and why some are forced to teach more then a subject, and with all this effort they are doing the state government do not provide accommodation for them and they do not have any allowance.

Corps Members who has been living in by their federal government allowee which is 19,800 as their allowance spent it on transportation, and they also use their money to rent apartment where they can stay and serve their fatherland. the question am asking is that what is Comrade Adam Oshiomhole, the Edo State Governor doing about it.

NYSC scheme is to destroy the gap between ethnic group, but Edo State Governor Comrade Adam Oshiomhole are making the service more difficult for the corp members. When some Principle of the school were interview by our news crew why are they not paying the corps members, they said that if only the state governor should allow them collect N100 or N50 for student as a corpers fee, it will be enough to give them something even if it is not big but they said that the state governor has rejected the offer and ban them not to do it.

The year 2012 NYSC Batch B corps members the state Governor Comrade Adam Oshiomhole, gave a promise that the state will pay those posted to state Schools Twenty Five Thousand Naira (N25,000), which is fair enough but yet the money was not paid, and the following batch C 2012 did not receive anything in spite they submitted their posting letter to the ministry of education, which was also a stress to those corps members and yet nothing was made.

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