What is Operating System and It’s Types

What is Operating System and It’s Types

What is Operating System and It’s Types – Operating System this could be defined as an interface or link between the computer syste4m and the computer operator. Someone could also define operating system as a low level software which have a basic function to support the hardware which could be use to perform some schedule.
There is something they call important in computer system and this operation system (OS) is one of the most important. This program runs on pc and it helps your computer to achieve every general purpose in a computer system program. OS which is Operating System is a great application.

The reason why your computer hardware could be able to recognize themselves such as the input, the output, and processing and the memory can be combining and function together without fighting each other is the power of Operating System. For a computer keyboard to send data into the pc and the computer system to recognize that this message came from the input, and also to the output for all to display
on the screen. This is Operating System having a control force to track file also help directories on the disk.

Operating System has a greater job not just a link the hardware, OS make sure that all the program in the pc work and runs together without conflict or interfering with each other for unauthorized personal to have access to the pc the Operating System provides and ensure security. This center on the smooth running of the pc is the
duty of the operating system

Operating System (OS) is classified to function in this five important ways

Multi – User: this Particular classification allows the computer to make use of more than one program at the same time when the computer is on. For example It helps Coral Draw and Microsoft Excel to work independently without disrupting each other. Moreover it allows and enable thousands user at a present without showing error.

Multi – Processing: Operating System gives supports for more than one program to run. Using a single control unit, which is the central processing unit (CPU)? This process is whereby one CPU can run and control several programs at the same time.
Multi – Threading: in a Pc there are some we call single part. And for this single part to run differently, the Operating System will have to support the running of the single program

Real Time: when you send data to the pc and the way they respond is like a flick of an eye. This is when the computer input or the output respond to the issued command and they are instantly affected or instantly executed. For an application program can run in you pc or even in you mobile phone or mobile device, there is a platform which allow such program to run and such is called soft ware platform.

This platform is recognized to help of the Operating System. I hope you know that applications are written programs, so that program should be written to run on a said Operating System. This kind of programs you chose will also determine how good and how extends such written application on your pc want to run in the OS

Types of Operating System

There few types of Operating System, I will be able to show the very few type of Operating System and as more research is made on them, I will be updating this said information but as it stands there are few operating system and below are the types of Operating System

DOS: DOS is an acronym for Disk Operating System, which is why the Microsoft cooperation has DOS and is Ms DOS which in full means Microsoft Operating System. The types of Operating System function within the Disk of a computer system. This gives management to the secondary storage device DOS put the system file together, help in the formatting of a computer system. Also check, format the floppy disk (diskette) also configuration of system file

OS/2: This is an Operating System that have the ability to run program that are made for the light of DOS and windows.

This Operating System came out early 90’s which was the late 80’s thyis said Operating System are found in the family of Linux. This Operating System belong
to Microsoft Cooperation .
Windows this Operating System have a great interface between the computer and the user. Windows Operating System is a recent develops in the generation.
As an Operator who just start using OS they are interact with some important command that are need for execution in the running of a computer program. The said command in Operating System is mostly found in the DOS which is the Disk Operating system. This Operating System has some great command that is located inside the computer memory; they are either in the eternal memory or the internal memory.

This command is executed when needed. DOS is mostly use in every pc which control the manage center and make sure that the primary and secondary device are well organize. The organizing of the file manger and making the system referring and
ruing and as well as managing the fill manager from the hard disk and the floppy disk making a rotating platters are done by the Operating System

During the time of the time of the micro- computer, at that early development the computer have a limited memory, it was the Disk Operating System. It has also been know as the DOS, DOS makes the computer or your laptop works like a family. In the day when computer started with the use of disk drive, flash drive, floppy disk, they are all the help of Operating System.

Operating System give great edge to your computer and you should learn to know that this system soft ware has it own important. I may tell you that the reason you mobile phone can pick calls and send message at a given time is the use of Operating System. If you should know this operating system also works with your phone. If you should know this there is an Operating System on your mobile device. Even
your tablet makes use of Operating System

What is Operating System and It’s Types

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