Pentecostal Churches In Kaduna Call The Religious Bill Anti-Christianity

Pentecostal Churches In Kaduna Call The Religious Bill Anti-Christianity: The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria has come out to say that the religious bill that is on the Kaduna State House of Assembly is an anti Christianity.

During when they were addressing news men in Kaduna, the state chapter chairman Rev Prof Femi Ehinmidu, and some other Christians in the state all said that they are doing everything possible for that bill not to hold and to protect the Christians right.

There are so many issue going on right now in the state and among which is to reduce poverty in the state, so restricting and regulating the religious body is not the problem in Kaduna state, putting food in the table of the families is the priority.

the Bill the governor has sent to the state house of Assemble will now open a hole between the Muslim and the Christians in the state especially when bias implementation is made in other to carry out the bill and pass it to law.

IF the state government is taking away the right to preach and also taking away the right to also evangelize, you are indirectly telling the Christians not to practice Christianity because evangelizing it to fulfill the command giving to Christians by Jesus Christ our Lord.

Pentecostal In Kaduna Called The Religious Bill Anti-Christianity

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