Pure Water Scarcity In UNILAG

Pure Water Scarcity In UNILAG

As the pressure for student of the university of Lagos complain over the scarcity of pure water in the campus. many student lays their complain over this scarcity. When the member of news City Nigeria visited the school many of the student lay down there surprise and groaning over the scarcity.

When one of the student who is known as Ayo talked with our news men, he said that his surprise is that why will there be water scarcity the first place, when he was told that it is pure water scarcity he said whats the difference between water and pure water. in his word he said Lagos not have water that the drinkable water they have is pure water.

He complain that if there is fuel scarcity there will still be water scarcity. this is not what someone should even think of or explain with his or her month that in a country like Nigeria and in Lagos which is one of the most populated black city in Africa is suffering for water.

We reported earlier that the scarcity is due to the increase in price of the material. that was sold for 100 naira is now 150 naira and this issue started from the Abuja. The Student welfare promise to make sure that there is supply of enough pure water in the campus.

Pure Water Scarcity In UNILAG

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