Radio Biafra Back On Air, In-spite The Leader Has Been Arrested

Radio Biafra Back On Air, In-spite The Leader Has Been Arrested

In-spite Nnamdi Kanu who has been running the Radio Biafra is now in prison the Radio Biafra has come back on air for some time now, The radio is currently streaming live across the the country and the leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has been in prison.
When you Checks the radio by an online medium, you will find out that TheCable has revealed that the Biafria station is live on and on air; and it has been airing through the Internet radio across the Nation and the world. The Radio which has been on air passing a pushing message of on a few words “freedom of Biafraland” and also using the same process to condemn what is happenings in Nigeria.

The Radio Biafra which is airing from “30 Sandlings Close, Pilkington Road, London, SE11 3SY England. When you turn on TheCable the anchor, who is been refer to as the new deputy director of the Biafria  Radio station, has been complaining about the state of power in the country and also the state of energy resources in Nigeria.

When some people called in and they lay their complain that they are not receiving radio through FM in the south east Nigeria, the presenter responded to them by saying that the problem would soon be resolved.

The word of the presenter to them that called state that There is no problem that do not affect a general platform, but saying that the organization is we looking to improve it by tomorrow. and he said that they should not forget their leader, Kanu. praying that the Lord God almighty, will grant their leader all the protection he needs. and that God should set confusion in the midst of their enemies, and also grant them the total freedom they need.

The leader has been arrested by the law enforcement agency and he has been charge to court for treason

Radio Biafra Back On Air, In-spite The Leader Has Been Arrested

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