Reason Behind Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka Transfer to Emene


Reason Behind Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka Transfer to Emene: When many heard about the transfer of Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka, they said so many questions and rumor has it that it was a demotion but now the Roman Catholic Church in Abuja has tried to explained the reason behind the transfer of  controversial Catholic church priest, known as Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka to Emene.

rev father

In their explanation The Catholic Church said that the reason he was transfer is make him more   useful to the Catholic Church.

When Reverend Father Ralph Madu was talking to the news crew yesterday in Abuja the General Secretary of the Catholic Church at the Secretariat in  Nigeria, in his words posting of parish priest is normal procedure of the Catholic church.”

When the church  feels that you will be more needed in a place the church will take you to serve there no exception not even to Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka. It is the right of the Bishop to make the transfer and once it is made, the transfer should be honor without questioning According to him.

The General Secretary also said that posting him should be a privilege, and he should not take it has a punishment. The Bishop has the power to do it over again and again.

In saying  Rev Father Mbaka it as a punishment, then the church will then open some such of investigation to find out; but the truth is Posting of our Priest is a regular and normal thing. The Church can transfer a priest after two years and more. And It all depends on the bishop’s discretion.

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