Why I Removed Head of Service Says Oshiomhole


Why I Removed Head of Service Says Oshiomhole: Mr Jerry Obazele the former head of service was forced into immediate retirement, by the Governor of Edo state, Stating that it was his failure to notice fraud wihich is happening within hiss administration.

This was said at the swearing in ceremony of the new Head of service Mrs Gladys Osarentin Idahor, and the ceremony took place at the Edo state government house in Benin city. According to Edo state Governor Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, he said that hi duty is to defend jobs and he also made mention that experience is a value and that experience should be celebrated and not to be punished. He also said that it was very hard and painful for him to relieve mr Obazele but due to some fact on ground he has to go and another needs to be appointed.

The governor also said that Mr Obazele acted in a way that would jv result to jail terms but he had to temper justice with mercy. The claimed that he has made mistake and next time he will try and makke sure that didn’t happen again, he said the reason why they are head of service is not just to seat but also make them the head of civil service and they should be smart enough to know what is happening in the civil service.

Many civil service has been retired since 1999 and also include the military rule, since then none has been paid gratuity and they are up to 12 to 13 years. The Governor who put them blame on the former government stating that when someone work for you he or she should be paid. He claimed that he has been trying every mean possible to deal with the problem and right now he has askk how much it will cost to settle the gratuity of the past civil service worker.

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