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rccg-holy-ghost-congress-2016 RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016 —  My dear brothers and sisters,  i want to inform you that the long awaiting RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016 annual convention organize by the  redeem Christian  church of God    has just be announce  by pastor Enoch Adeboye the general overseer of redeem Christian church of God international which is starting soonest.  I want you all to know that the RCCG Holy Ghost Congress  is been organize for member and nor member of the redeem Christian church of God. Also read Ultimate Cycler Nigeria  and MMM Nigeria Registration@

RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016. We the team have been receiving series of phone calls regarding  to the date,   theme and venue of this RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016 annual convention. Now, before you is the date of the awaiting  RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016 annual convention which is is December 05-10, 2016

Wow am so happy to bring   the table of the entire members of the public the theme  of this year   RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress. Now good to say that the the theme for  is RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress  is  Complete Restoration and the venue for this event is RCCG New Auditorium, Km 46 Lagos Ibadan Expressway,Redemption Camp, Mowe, Ogun State, Nigeria. RCCG Holy Ghost Congress 2016.Ultimate Cycler Nigeria

As it were the date for RCCG 2016 Holy Ghost Congress was  actually in line with RCCG National Calendar 2016 .And here are the calender, should in case you want to see them.

 Listed below here are the  complete  RCCG NATIONAL CALENDAR 2016

3 Annual Thanksgiving
8 Holy-Ghost Service
9 Ministers’ Annual Thanksgiving
16 School of Disciples (SOD)
22 – 23 Ministers Conference Eastern Region
24 Day Out, Port-Harcourt

4 S.A’S and Regional Pastors Meet
5 Holy-Ghost Service
10 – 12 Ministers’ Wives and Female Ministers
17 – 19 Feast of Esther
25 – 28 Evangelism Weekend (Missions, Counsellors, CRFU & Prosperity)
29 Solemn Assembly

1 – 3 Solemn Assembly
3 S.A’S and Regional Pastors Meet
3- 6 Special Holy-Ghost Service
11 -12 Redeemers School Day (CAMP)
18 – 19 Sunday School Teacher’s and House Fellowship leaders Weekend
19 School of Disciples (SOD)
25 -28 Lets-Go-A-Fishing Easter
31 S.A’s/Regional pastors meet

1 Holy-Ghost Service

5 S.A’s/Regional pastors meet
6 Holy Ghost Service
7 Workers meeting
13 -14 Northern zone ministers/workers conference
15 Day out in Abuja
20 School of Disciples (SOD)
27 – 28 Elders Congress

2 S.A’s/Regional pastors meet
3 Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
5 Day out in Lagos
9 – 12 Training (Sunday School, Bible College & Education) Weekend
30 S.A’s/Regional pastors meet/School of Disciple Convention

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1 School of Disciple Convention
Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
28 – 31 Ministers Conference

1 – 7 Annual Convention. Theme: AMEN

1 S.A’s / Regional pastors meet
2 Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
9 – 10 School of Disciple Revision
15 – 18 Helps (Choir, Ushers, Prayer Warriors & Welfare Department) Weekend

5 – 9 Youth Convention
6 S.A’s / Regional pastors meet
7 Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
14 – 15 School of Disciple Exams
20 – 22 Province Based Ministers’ Conference

3 S.A’s / Regional pastors meet
4 Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
9 Abuja Holy Ghost Service (HGS)
17 – 20 Family (Elders, Youth, & Children) Weekend

1 Regional Meet
5 – 10 Holy Ghost Congress
23 – 26 Lets-Go-A-Fishing

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