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nigerian-armyIt’s mandatory for those who are  interested  to join  the Nigerian army to know the various  ranks in the Nigerian army.  There are still some notable Nigerians who does’t have interest to join the Nigerian army but they are interested to know the various  ranks in the Nigerian army. The Nigerian army Ranks  are been categorize in to two major classes which are the Nigerian Army Ranks  commissioned officers  and Nigerian Army Ranks  non commissioned officers ,continue reading in other to know the different ranks in the Nigerian army.

Listed below are the ranks for  both Commissioned Officers and non-Commissioned Officers in the Nigerian army

Nigerian Army Ranks For Commissioned Officers

The commissioned officers ranks comes with 11 ranks starting with Field Marshal and ending with Second Lieutenant which is the lowest rank

Field Marshal (5-Star General)
General (4-Star General)
Lieutenant General (3-Star General)
Major General (2-Star General)
Brigadier General (1-Star General)
Lieutenant Colonel
Second Lieutenant

Nigerian Army Ranks For Non-Commissioned Officers

Nigerian Army Ranks for non-commissioned officers comes with eight ranks and Warrant Officer Class I is the top rank while the lowest rank is Recruit .

Warrant Officer Class I
Warrant Officer Class II
Staff Sergeant

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