Sokoto Govt To Tackle Educational Challenges With N34


Sokoto Govt To Tackle Educational Challenges With N34: The problem and challenges in the state of Sokoto has been a serious issue in the state and that has draw the attention of the state government and for this reason the Commissioner of Basic and Junior Secondary Education, Dr Jabbi Kilgori, has said, that the state will tackling educational challenges with N34.Due to the problem they are facing the state government want to put everything they have on the education sector and this was reveal to the news crew on Monday by the commissioner Dr Jabbi Kilgori.

The money that the State Government will be spending will mostly be on the welfare of the teachers, also with the infrastructure, and at the same time the money will also go into the feeding of student.

Despite all what the state government is doing to improve the education sector yet it is not working to this end the state government has declared emergency in the educational sector. with this they will improve the educational sector and make it much better.

In the feeding program over 1million student and pupils will benefit from it and they will use the money located to the area to feed them and they will be well taken care of says the Commissioner of Education Dr Jabbi Kilgori.

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