The Power Company In Nigeria Is Getting Worst


Written by Adam Ologun

If no one is willing to let the world know how bad the power company in Nigeria is I bet you, News City will publish the write up of one Mr. Adam Ologun, who is willing to write more about the power sector and inform the general public that the power sector is making Nigerians living in hell while they are in their country.

What happened to the power sector in Nigeria? Are they playing a mind game with Nigerians or there they playing politics with the power? The uses of power at home, offices, industries is not what one will over look, and they way it is going, we will all wish that there are no power at all so that we can be living like the age men and for us to do away with our gadget and move on. I still do not understand the reason for the privatization, but when these ideas came, it was what everyone need because for government to be running the power sector was not something that will help the country’s economy and sustain the power sector.

At that time it was National Electrical Power Authority (NEPA), I was born to meet that name and I never had it in mind that it will be change and to my own surprise they Federal Government made mention of privatization and it sounded good real good. The name was change from National Electrical Power Authority (NEPA), to PHCN which is Power Holding Company of Nigeria.

We were hoping that the PHCN will do better than NEPA rather it was worsen at the early stage when they get into operation and as they continue in operation they started getting much better but not as good as we all expected but it was okay compare to where we were coming from, that is why an Africa proverb says in a city of the blind, one man’s eye is the king. We learn to love the PHCN more than the NEPA no one remember the government power sector any longer, believing that the privatization is working well but not what we expected. But we were hopeful that they will do better.

At that time I was in at Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, Edo State although am still there, a place called Agbor Park in Benin Agbor Road, we discover that the power will be switch off once it is 7pm no matter when they switch on the power. If for example they power has been off all day and they power company decided to switch it on by 6.50pm, have it in mind that once it is 7pm they will also switch it off and to switch on by 10pm or latest 10.30pm, everyone is aware that once it is that time the power is going off and to be seen at 10pm. During the day you can have has much power as you want, only when there is a problem with the power.

During the end of month when they will be disconnecting costumers who has not paid their bills for the month, you will enjoy the power as you like, that will make those been disconnected want to pay and get reconnected and join the few days of unlimited access to power. And we were hoping that it will get better and we believe one day things we get better.

During the administration of the former president of Nigeria, Goodluck Jonathan, he said it will be better if the power is run but states and it will better if it is split to smaller unit, instead of PCHN controlling all, let there be split unit from it, the PHNC were placed in the market again, permit me to use this word “placed in the market”, after all been done, we then have BEDC, that is Benin Electricity Distribution Company.

The coming of the BEDC destroyed the work of the PHCN, the first thing they did is to start rationing the power for hours, in that same Agbor Road I mentioned earlier, the power no longer stay for a day instead for 3hours only, once the 3hours is completed the power will be switch off and to be put on in 6hours letter. Let me explain further, if the power is put on by 6am it will last for 6am to 9am and the power will be switch off and they will then put it on by 3pm and it will stay till 6pm and it will switch of and to put it on again by 12am to 3am and it will be switch off, on like that and like that. It was really funny and annoying because the power is not free we pay for it. It is painful that you can’t have what you paid for.

It was on like that we many has to believe the only way to resolve this issue is to go to their office and have a talk with them and when they want something happened they it want violent, the BEDC is connected to area involve for 2weeks. Funny right, yes it is, why are they doing this so that they can stop any other to have a say on how they are serve the power.

After the presidential election the former President, Jonathan lost to Buhari, they BEDC surprise everyone, they power company will put on the power and it will last for days, hours without putting it off, many were saying it was the fault of the former President of Nigeria. We were hoping that new thing has been done to the power sector. After 4 weeks the President resume office the power sector became worst, the power ratio change immediately from that 3hours on and 6hours off, to something of the past, we can only see the power 3hour within 24hours, the question is, whose fault is it? Is it that of the former President of Nigeria or the recent President of Nigeria.

When things like this happened who do will call upon, before be believe that the government will come to our rescue, now we know that the government won’t do anything. Nigerian buy fuel (petrol) as though they are buying water, when you go to filling station you see more gallons then the cars and all they want is petrol not the kerosene, and what do they need it for? They want to put on their generator. In offices they use generator, in business centers they uses generator, at home we all use generator, and the question is what is the need of the power sector we have in our country?

I took t trip to Abuja FCT, I met something shocking, they power over there is two days on and two days off. I wonder what is the problem how long will Nigeria power sector ever going to get better. Has this problem come to stay? What is the solution, what is it that the government is not telling the masses? If there is any solution this should be done fast before we all starts killing each other because of power.

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