To Regulate Online Media No Plan Yet Says FG


To Regulate Online Media No Plan Yet Says FG: The online Publisher are responsible enough so they will regulate the online publication themselves because the federal government of Nigeria will not regulate it, says Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the minister of information and culture.When the Minister of Information met with some of the online publishers in Lagos on Friday that is when he made the statement at his consultation with key stakeholders.

In the meeting he advise the web publishers that they should do their best to also be truthful and give credible information because if the do not they will lost their readers and that will be bad for business at that time to one will want to advertise with them and that is were they made their money from.

In addition he say that if their post is not credible that will affect the inflow of income and they should know that many will want to join the online publication and the truth is that the online publication will grow, and those who give accurate information will remain in the business.

One thing for sure is that no matter what people think about the government, their plan is to make sure the web publication increases and when it is done, it will be better for the Government that at time passing information to the masses will be more easier.

In his word the federal government will want to advertise with anyone who give accurate information and with that the federal government is in support with the online publication.

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