How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel –

How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel

How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel – Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet package, and a spreadsheet package is an application soft ware that is design for financial calculation and keeping of financial records.Someone shouldn’t be so surprise when I will be making use of Microsoft Excel and Ms Excel together because Microsoft and Ms, is one meaning and they are used for financial calculation, this application are very important for school, banks and every areas of life.

Ms excel is made up of component, this component of Microsoft Excel are divided into different part, like in the case of Ms Excel 2003, Ms Excel 2005 they have Title bar, Menu bar,. Standard tools bar, formatting tool bar, cell address, spreadsheet, scroll bar, status bar.

Microsoft Excel 2003 and Microsoft Excel 2007 also with Microsoft Excel 2010 all have their differences, Ms Excel 2003 and Ms Excel 2005 have the same features and every bars I listed above but Ms Excel 2007 and Ms Excel 2010 also have the same Microsoft Excel feature. These similarities have their importance; they all calculate income and expenditure in a company, in the business company, insurance companies make use of Ms Excel.

Microsoft Excel have a spreadsheet, which most people call work area, or work sheet. This work sheet is where calculation is carried out. This area is divided into four (4) elements and components mean the same thing. So there are four (4) of spreadsheet

Elements Of Work Sheet In Ms Excel

Cell Pointer
Column: This is a vertical box in Microsoft Excel, in Ms Excel there are boxes and those boxes that are in a vertical form are the column. Microsoft Excel 2007 or Microsoft Excel 2003, all have the same worksheet. Ms Excel Column is more in the work sheet. Microsoft Excel gives a column for a particular purpose.

Row: This is the horizontal boxes in Ms Excel, this particular rows in Microsoft Excel, both Microsoft Excel 2010 and Microsoft Excel 2007 all has the same thing. The year and the version do not really affect the work sheet features.

Cell: This is a very important in Ms Excel, cell is an intersection between Rows and Columns. In Microsoft Excel, cell is they box where rows and column meet. This is why it is an intersection.

Cell Pointer: This is a rectangular box in the cell that indicate where to type. Ms Excel have boxes in that box you need to type but the box where to type you need an intersection. So Microsoft Excel now provide a rectangular box, that is where cell pointer is in Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is made of off three (3) data and data is a raw fact that has not been processed, and in Ms Excel there are three types of data in Microsoft Excel.

Types of Data in Ms Excel

How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel: It is no longer a bye pass topic that Microsoft Excel have data and in ms excel there are three types of data

Label in Ms Excel, is an alphabet in the worksheet. Microsoft Excel see alphabet as a label, if the said alphabet is on a cell. in ms excel there are rules to know if a data is a label or not. With the rules you will be able to know whether what you type is either a label or not.

Rules In Ms Excel to Know Label

If a word appears before any numbers in a cell, Microsoft Excel see such data as a label
If an alphabet appears before any numbers that means that the data is a label. Ms Excel have a great way to determine if it is a label or not Once you follow the above rules you will be able to determine what and what is not a label or not

Numeric: in Microsoft Excel there is a numbers, and the numbers are data, which are well-known as numeric in Microsoft Excel. This same way there is a rule to determine if it is a numeric or not.

Rules in Microsoft Excel to Know Numeric

In Ms Excel, when a number appears first in a cell before any word, that data is seen as numeric cell in Microsoft Excel. When a number appears first before any alphabet in a cell ms excel see such data as numeric
Formula in Microsoft Excel

How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel: This is the most sensitive part in this data topic, any ms excel user should know whether you are using ms excel 2007, Microsoft Excel 2003, ms excel 2010, they all have the formula to work with the version or the year of production do not affect the formula. If you are using ms excel you are bound to use the same feature.

What Is formula in Ms Excel: formula is an instruction that is use t calculate and give data analysis. Ms Excel formula is use to solve problem in a given sheet. This program is a written instruction that when followed properly, you will end up getting the right data. Banks and any other commercial companies also make use of Ms Excel to get quick data analyzed

Types of Formula in Microsoft Excel

There are two types of formula in ms excel; this formula are very important and most ms excel user do not know that excel have two formulas. There are two ways to solve problem in ms excel, both are okay but one is very important and far better in the work sheet.

Legitimate Formula
Illegitimate Formula
Legitimate formula is the formula that makes use of the real numbers to get the result of the data analyses. In Microsoft Excel there are columns, rows, cells and cell pointer. This component makes up a spreadsheet or worksheet. If you want to solve a particular problem in Microsoft Excel what you do is to put in the data in each cell. For example add 200 and 300 together, also add 600 and 300, finally add 300 together also add 50 and 100 together to get the particular solution you want

The above fg1 shows that when this problem is solve you will end up getting the answer that you need for the stated problem. Microsoft Excel see such as legitimate formula. the process whereby you use the real numbers to solve a particular problem in ms excel is the act of using legitimate formula. Microsoft Excel 2007 sees it this way all ms excel also see it this way Microsoft Excel one should need a formula and that the only way to get your data fully analyzed is either

Illegitimate formula: this is the formula that makes use of the cell addresses to solve a problem in ms excel. In analyzing data in Microsoft Excel. If we are expected to solve the above problem we are to follow this process

The fq 2 above shows the same problem with fq1 but the problem is solved differently when you make use of the cell address to solve the problem is the use of illegitimate formula. Before I get you confuse let me simplified some things for you. I told you that Microsoft Excel have a work sheet and they are made up of column, rows, cell and cell pointer.

Difference between Legitimate and Illegitimate Formula in Microsoft Excel

Legitimate formula makes use of the real number while illegitimate formula makes use of the cell address. Legitimate formula consider the number before the problems are solve but the illegitimate do not consider the numbers before the problem are solve

How to Use Microsoft (Ms) Excel

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